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=== Villa de Riseis, Pescara, luglio 2009 === == IMPORTANT UPDATE ==
=== We will NOT participate to MA/ED ===
=== NON parteciperemo al MA/ED a villa De Riseis ===

per maggiori informazioni potete scrivere ad ark \chiocciola\ dyne.org

Ark in the Part


We will NOT participate to MA/ED

NON parteciperemo al MA/ED a villa De Riseis

per maggiori informazioni potete scrivere ad ark \chiocciola\ dyne.org

The original and updated version of this document is mantained online at the address: http://lab.dyne.org/ArtInThePark2009


During the weekend of july 9-12 Pescara will host a festival involving 30 students coming from different countries, to contribute and exchange on artistic practices as well theoretical discourse. The students are encouraged to expose their artistic productions and integrate their visions and languages in a multi-faceted Mediterranean environment, interacting with a local and global audience.

"Ark in the Part" is a Mediterranean art-camp involving students from different places to meet, develop and show their creations. It will unfold during a week of practical and theoretical exchange on themes like radio making, media design, recycling and cycling, involving art practices flowing in public spaces and social networks.

This event is co-organised with a collaboration between the cultural association "La Grotta dell'Elfo" focusing on game cultures and the foundation "dyne.org" focusing on free software and new media art. It will host a concert, a theatre representation and a role playing game tournament, while the art-camp concerning this document will be a complementary space for exchange, presentations, hands-on workshops and a laboratory for installations and performances.

The artistic installations and presentations are facilitated and selected by a committee of local practicioners, following a cooperative and inter-disciplinary approach to artistic direction: Denis J. Roio (media art), Andrea di Cesare (installation art) and Piero di Silvestro (performative art) are blended in action by the producer Elisa Petaccia.

This draft is a call for participants to confirm their presence and contribute ideas for the initiative, initial coordination will be via e-mail.

Art left abandoned

In recent times Pescara has been theatre of controversial urban plans, hosting many unused buildings and spaces within the city. The most important art festival is Fuori Uso, held since many years (resisting, with difficulties) exhibiting various international artists in abandoned urban structures, trying to re-activate them somehow. Another recent festival capable of bringing over several electronic artists is the PEAM.

As of now and despite being very succesful, both these festivals aren't able to continue their activity. The most recent metaphore of the decaying of art in Pescara: japanese artist Toyo Ito was called to make a statue in its main square, it costed a million euro and it broke down in half a year.

In this festival we don't intend to hide these problems: celebrating a good image of our city would be extremely naive. While we embrace the rethoric of Arte Povera rather than that of excess, our focus on artistic creativity will be dedicated to recycling practices, grass-root production and participatory community interaction, to specifically address existing problems and to propose a new approach for their solution, hopefully leveraging the participation and impact of cultural activities in a Mediterranean city like Pescara.


The city of Pescara counts more than 120.000 inhabitants, growing up to almost a million people in the summer, when lots of turists, mostly Italians, come to have holydays on the beach. The "entertainment industry" is well developed in the city, dense of pubs and kilometers of beach are privately owned by Stabilimenti, including disco and restaurants activities.

Below is a map of the park:


And some pictures of the spaces http://korova.dyne.org/ark.in.the.part/

Outline of activities

Radio Oltranzista

We will experiment with micro-FM radio transmission in the park: everyone is invited to bring a small radio and place it near a bench, on the trees, on a bycicle, and sit with us in an improvised radio studio, to re-invent the art of making radio in the third millennium. With us making radio in the Ark will be the media artist and philosopher Federico Bonelli.

The idea behind Radio Oltranzista is simple: produce a radiophonic event using crossing media platform. This won't be a format: the program will grow from it's content: the people and the things they want to say, listen and share is king. Participants will establish the methods, the ingredients and the tools to be used to cook each program, the technology will adapt. We will embed this radio into the flowing of the festival activities with one objective: raise our voice from the bottom to the sky.

Broadcast in FM is linking to a media that you can encounter in the traffic or while cooking. You can tell your grandmother to follow what you are doing and even to "skype in" if she likes, to explain how to cook fettuccine her way. Radio can be decoded without computers and is a medium that leaves you "free handed", without invasions of your mental space: you can drive, study, work with radio on. Technologically easy to make and to use, perceived as a close thing, a wisper, in the era of screams and invasion of privacy, in the internet age can be open to a flow without limits. Once liberated from obnoxious TV waves the FM spectrum should partially left open to experimentation, community radio and internet bridged content drones. Possibilities for radio-poetry are still unlimited. Radio is the ultimate “not yet fashionable media”.

So, to cut short, we will set up a radio and learn together how to access it, run it, listen to it. A radio open to casual contacts, abandoned to float in the waters of a cityscape, open to a casual encounter, hidden unconsciously in between the spaces of our conversations, as any radio should. Bridging on-line and offline, being a hub for new-media art, homegrown music and info and poetry. All this, maybe...


Video Art

The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMK) hosts one of the most important video-art catalogues in Europe and kindly supports our event offering a selection of works from international artists.

We will screen short videos by various artists distributed by the collection at NIMK

(list of exibited artworks ready next week)

Recycling meets design

During the days of the event the park will stage an open flow of art interventions using low consumption electronics and mixed media installations: after an initial workshop with all students invited (6 july) we will start a collaboration with local artists and artisans, recycling will meet design as various found materials will be employed to immerse the visitors in an inspirational media-scape armonised in the park.

Any contribution referring to the collective process of reconstruction after a catastrophy is very welcome: Abruzzo, the region where the city of Pescara is situated, has been badly hit by an earthquake this year and many people are still suffering from it. With creativity and invention we hope to inspire more practices that can empower and motivate our community in this hard task of reconstruction.

Darko Fritz

A full evening in the projection space will be dedicated to the presence of Darko Fritz: he will personally visit Pescara and contribute to our initiative!

Darko, originally born in Split (Pescara's twin city on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic) is a media artist, curator and graphic designer who studied architecture at University of Zagreb and art media at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. He worked with reproductive medias and technology in artistic and cultural context, working with video since 1988 as TV virus and computer generated environments. He is a founding member of artist groups Cathedral (1988), The Imitation of Life Studio (1987 - 1990), Young Croatian Electronic Films (1991) and The Future State of Balkania (1998).

Involved in various on&off-line networks (Syndicate, Spectre, Nettime, Culturenet.hr ...), Darko curated exhibitions 'Culture of graphic design in the Netherlands' (1999), 'I am Still Alive' (internet art and computer art fom sixties, 2000), CLUB.NL (art and art networks from the Netherlands, 2000), 'Lights from Zagreb' (interactive light installations, 2001) and <dis.location> (2003). Darko Fritz compiles the first overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s) also as editor for culturenet.hr web portal.

Cyclown Circus

A workshop will be held by Piero, member of the artist collective Cyclown Circus, illustrating their last trip on tallbikes around the world, lasting 3 years from Roma to Yogyakarta, across all Eurasia.

We will discuss ecological issues, bicycle cultures around the world, slow traveling as a form of performative art, watch photos and listen to sounds recorded by this amazing group of gypsyes. Piero is also a tallbike artist and we'll have an occasion to learn more about his art.

Logistic Briefing

So far so good, we hope you like it and that you will actively contribute to all this :)

There will be a total of 30 students actively involved: 12 from Italy, 6 from Croatia, 6 from Turkey and 6 from the Netherlands. Communication languages will be mostly italian and spaghetti english.

The time-line follows, please help us be punctual and contact us in time!

* 3 june
all participating students must be confirmed, along with a short description of artworks and at least a statement of interest
* 15 june
all press material for the event will be printed: contributions are frozen by that day and full range of necessary information will be made available for flyers and posters
* 4-5 july

suggested day for arrival in Pescara. Please note that since 3 july will be activated a new cheap fly route to Pescara from Eindhoven and more airports. If you can, please act fast and reserve your flight ASAP! we will reimbourse it promptly.

* 6 july
first workshop for participating students in Pescara
* 9 - 12 july
Ark in the Park, day and night (and very close to the beach :P )

For any further information at this stage of things you can contact us via email: jaromil@dyne.org and elaiza@gmail.com

Thanks! a thousand flowers will blossom!

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