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/!\ just some thoughts


dyne.org aims to keep growing and existing as a non institutional structure, communication is done between individuals, while hierarchy and power structures are not present. As long identities are the constituting fundamental of every community, defining themself within their peculiar activity into the community they belong, dyne.org is a community opened to defined identities and does'nt aims to be in any way representative for them neither substitute to individuality.

With this premises dyne.org structure configures as a social experiment.


dyne.org can be defined in different ways (in any order): Free Software House because we develop, document and mantain free software applications; Free Software Art Ensemble as our research in free software often applies to art environments; Open Technology Research Center as long our research pursues further development of free and open technologies released according to [http://www.gnu.org GNU] directives, while we also operate to spread our know-how with workshops, seminars and formation courses; Distributed Group of Free Developers as long we connect a network of free developers, researchers and professionals; Media Consulting Cooperative because we operate also in conjunction with other initiatives planning media strategies and solutions. Transmedial Theatre Workgroup as we (co)produce various live performances and theatre pieces; S.H.E.E.P. point: social hacking for extended playtime!

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