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 * enjoy the music by http://mitocondri.dyne.org [http://lavoix.dev-6.com/ .]  * enjoy the music by http://mitocondri.dyne.org

Welcome to dyne.org wiki

what is a wiki? -> HelpForBeginners

what is dyne.org? -> http://dyne.org

why is dyne.org? -> http://dyne.org/hackers.php

do you want to join dyne.org? -> ToDo

what you can find here (among other things)

[dyne:bolic] live CD

music and freedom

some suggestions on where to browse

alcuni suggerimenti di siti da surfare



  • Carne vibrazione e silicio in bilico fra la poltrona e la presa di corrente http://tubocatodico.dyne.org

  • Flesh vibration and silicon between the comfy couch and the mains plug



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