As usual, the Hackmeeting's admittance is totally free: however, keep in mind that organizing Hackmeeting has a cost and subscriptions are necessary for the event to survive!

If you want to join us in advance (Before Friday the 19th), that would be awesome! We ask you to let us know in advance so we can plan everything to our best.

Where to sleep?

There will be rooms inside the "Mensa Occupata" where to sleep and keep your belongings. We kindly advice you to bring your own sleeping bag and/or air bed. Unfortunately, in Naples city center, there are no nice green parks where to camp. There is no space for camping van either!

What to eat?

The kitchen is self-managed, so we invite you to collaborate. We respect everyone's diet needs and there will be vegan and vegetarian dishes, gluten-free foods and so on. If you have a more specific need, drop us a line.

What to bring?

If you want to use your own computer, bring a multiple socket as well. Don't forget a network device (as ethernet cables, hub switches, wireless devices). Remember to bring with you all the hardware you need to hack around with the others and don't forget your stuff for sleeping (as stated above). During the Hackmeeting, internet connection may be unstable, so if you want bring with your own 3G device (4G is not very common here) and what is necessary to share with your friends! In general, try to be technologically self sufficient.