Letter to Wozniak

 scopo: invitare Wozniak ad un EVENTO connesso alla Mostra sui Videogame che stiamo organizzando a Siracusa circa dal 20 Agosto al 20 Settembre. 

From: "Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante" Computer Museum

Dear Mr. Wozniak,

As you may remember from a chat we had on Facebook some time ago, we rebuilt a working Apple 1 using historical components dated back to 1976, a project that took about 2 years to be completed and that is now a major reason of pride for us, in addition to a fairly vast collection of historical machines. Our museum is running since 1997 now on a voluntary basis and is a partner institution of the IT History Society, we are confident that time is ripe for a larger audience to understand the value of our efforts and to leverage our visibility in Italy, startin from our region, Sicily. (link alla pagina del museo su cui c'e' il progetto)

For the coming August we have the opportunity to exhibit part of our collection in a reknown art galleries in Siracusa (nome, link): the location is a public gallery in a prime location of Ortigia, the ancient part of the city were Archimedes was active in the 3rd century BC. The gallery can host up to 200 visitors and the exhibition will run through September up to the 20th and will be showing working exemplars of our ancient computer collection, focusing on the quality of their design. There will be also a section about the history of videogames (in cooperation with Verdebinario/MIAI? if yes, link here)

During the exibithion period we will organize panels, activities and workshop for people to join (free entrance) which will involve many entusiasts living on our island, in particular young people. All of this we are organizing on a voluntary basis and thanks to the sponsorship of some benefactors supporting our museum.

We write you now because we would very much like to organize a workshop about the Apple 1 history within the context of our reconstruction project: for such a workshop your presence will be more than an honor and a great reason for us to celebrate all these years spent nurturing this project. If you would like to visit our city, we'd be happy to accomodate you in optimal conditions and at the same time protect you from the great attention and popularity that you have to insure you can actually enjoy the visit in our beautiful white city of the Mediterraneum. We would like you to spend a few words, memories, reflections with the youth of the city to inspire it and be inspired and we can take care to document your intervention in coordination with the Italian chapter of the Wired magazine.

Please, in case you like, let us know if you are willing to visit us any time between August and September and which are the conditions that can facilitate your travel and stay. We really hope one day or another we will be able to show you the Apple 1, shake your hands and be inspired by your presence in person.

With our very best wishes

Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante Dyne.org Foundation MIAI/Verdebinario (firmatari visibili che possono motivare la cosa)

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