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= voice =

Interview on BBC World Service - Digital Planet Radio
made at the DANA center in London on march 2006:
 * [http://rastasoft.org/speech/jaromil_on_BBC_20060403.mp3 jaromil_on_BBC_20060403.mp3] (MP3 11MB)

Speech held in the Description and Creativity Conference
held in the Cambridge King's College on july 2005:
 * [http://rastasoft.org/speech/jaromil-dnc.ogg jaromil-dnc.ogg] (Ogg/Vorbis 4.3MB)

= video =

Dyne ~ Freaknet presentation held in What The Hack on august 2005:
 * [http://rehash.waag.org/WTH/wth-dyne-freaknet-34.mp4.torrent wth-dyne-freaknet-34.mp4.torrent] (Bittorrent approx. 350MB Mpeg4)
 * [http://rehash.xs4all.nl/wth/rawtapes/wth-dyne-freaknet/wth-dyne-freaknet-34.mp4 wth-dyne-freaknet-34.mp4] (direct download approx 350MB Mpeg4)
 * [ftp://ftp.dyne.org/perform/wth-dyne-freaknet.ogg wth-dyne-freaknet.ogg] (direct download 117MB Ogg/Theora)

Streamtime presentation held in What The Hack on august 2005:
 * [http://rehash.waag.org/WTH/wth-streamtime-95.mp4.torrent wth-streamtime-95.mp4.torrent] (Bittorrent approx. 350MB Mpeg4)
 * [http://rehash.xs4all.nl/wth/rawtapes/wth-streamtime/wth-streamtime-95.mp4 wth-streamtime-95.mp4] (direct download approx. 350MB Mpeg4)
= identity profiles =
 * [http://www.debalie.nl/persoon.jsp?personid=1139 @ debalie.nl]
 * [http://freshmeat.net/~jaromil @ freshmeat.net]
 * [http://slashdot.org/~jaromil @ slashdot.org]
 * [http://www.d-i-n-a.net/2002/en/metagallery/jaromil.html @ digital is not analog]
 * [http://1.ncc.mur.at/person_jaromil_bio_aa_e.shtml @ netART community]
 * [http://rhizome.org/netartnews/story.rhiz?&timestamp=20040324 @ Rhizome] (and [http://rhizome.org/query.rhiz?words=jaromil&submit.x=0&submit.y=0 more] on Rhizome)
 * [http://pouet.net/user.php?who=8483 @ pouet.net]

= art exhibitions =
 * [http://www.connessionileggendarie.it Net.Art 1995 - 2005] Milano
 * [http://www.p0es1s.net/en/projects/jaromil.html p0es1s digitale poesie] Berlin
 * [http://www.digitalcraft.org/iloveyou I LOVE YOU rev.eng] Watson USA
 * [http://rhizome.org/print.rhiz?23979 Realplay in RRF] Bucaresti / Bergen / Bangkok
 * [http://runme.org/feature/read/+forkbombsh/+47/ RunMe software art] Helsinky
 * [http://www.aec.at/en/archives/festival_archive/festival_catalogs/festival_artikel.asp?iProjectID=12323 CODeDOC II] Ars Electronica / Whitney Artport
 * [http://www.netarts.org/mcmogatk/2003/ Netarts / Machida] Tokyo
 * [http://creativeresponseweb.net/negotiations/will/index.html Negotiations / Will] Toronto
 * [http://www.digitalcraft.org/?artikel_id=292 I LOVE YOU] MAK Frankfurt

= interviews =
 * [http://www.packtpub.com/article/Discussing-Dyne:Bolic-and-Freedom-with-Denis-Jaromil-Rojo discussing Dyne:bolic and Freedom] (2007)
 * [http://linuxaudio.org/en/press/lud49-Audio_Libre.pdf Hack down babylon] Linux User & Developer (2005)
 * [http://www.hinduonnet.com/mp/2005/02/08/stories/2005020800950400.htm Interview on the Hindu] (also [http://lists.dyne.org/dynebolic/msg01725.php ERRATA CORRIGE])
 * [http://korova.dyne.org/cyberzone_generic-it.html Interview on art and technology] with 01001.org, Jaromil e Giacomo Verde ('''italian''')
 * [http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=154 Digicult and Cut-up magazines] may 2005 ('''italian''')
 * [http://www.cut-up.net/cms/index.php?option=articles&task=viewarticle&artid=412&Itemid=3 interview with Jaromil] on Cut-up (italian)

= conferences =
 * [http://www.nomadit.co.uk/~dnc/ Description and Creativity] King's college / Cambridge
 * [http://www.sarai.net/events/ip_conf/ip_conf.htm Contested Commons / Trespassing Publics] Sarai medialab / New Delhi
 * [http://korova.dyne.org/Simulation-City-ch.pdf Droit D'Images] Centre pour l'image Contemporaine / Geneve
 * [http://rixc.lv/ram5/ RAM5] Open source Media Architecture / Riga
 * [http://pzwart.wdka.hro.nl/mdr/Seminars2/floss/view FLOSS in Design] Piet Zwart Institute / Rotterdam

= workshops =
 Documentation available on DyneWorkshop
 * [http://www.takeawayfestival.com Takeway festival] DANA center / London
  * [http://www.mazine.ws/node/265 Luke's report]

= related essays =
 * [http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/themes/public_sphere_s/media_spaces/ Josephine Bosma] essay on net.art
 * [http://runtimeart.mi2.hr/TextAndreasBroeckmann Andreas Broeckmann] essay on software art
 * [http://www.republicart.net/art/concept/airerev_en.htm Nicole Emmenegger] Virtual Borders, Migrant Cyber-Tactics and Copyleft E-Changes
 * [http://cramer.plaintext.cc/essays/digital_code_and_literary_text/digital_code_and_literary_text.pdf Florian Cramer] Digital code and literary text

= related books =
 * [http://crosstalks.vub.ac.be/ http://dyne.org/pics/crosstalks.png] Roots cultures
 * [http://www.data-browser.net/02/ Data-Browser02: Engineering Culture] Autonomedia book
 * [http://weblog.educ.ar/sociedad-informacion/archives/003275.php Internet, Hackers y Software Libre] argentinan book on hacker history
 * [http://www.thething.it/netart/ NET.ART - l'arte della connessione] italian net.art book
 * [http://www.deriveapprodi.org/estesa.php?id=66 Media Activism] italian essays on independent communication

= Something to read... =

Any discussion of software as art requires consideration of the whole creative process involved in designing and producing it, which leads to a new approach to operation in the digital domain. Our attention here is focused on source codes and the fascinating world of algebra and algorithms. That world can be seen in many expressions of form which are dense, can be reformulated and produce meaning.

Source codes, or rather algorithms and algebra, are the tools of the digital craftsman in the modern age with over a thousand years of mathematical theories behind them. Only for little more than a quarter of a century have they acted as software. Software is a means of creating art and communicating. It is a metaliterature which defines how meaning can be carried and (re)produced by multiplying the possibilities of communication. Just as software is a means of metacommunication, so it represents a "parole", deriving its execution from a "langue", i.e. the grammatical and linguistic universe of the code.
This reference to the metaphysical is to the point here: although many see the source code as merely an obscure cryptogram, it has an indirect effect on the way we communicate and even more on the efficiency with which we do so.

In the panorama of existing operating systems we see that there is a
great number of possibilities to listen: all kinds of "free to download"
players for audio and video, but no easy way for everybody to speak out
loud and spread their words. The way communication is structured follows
a hierarchy of well established powers and, worst than ever, money is
the main requirement for making a voice spread and possible to be heard
by others.

Neverthless, proprietary software spreads the dependence from business
companies thru the populace: whenever we share our knowledge on how to
use a certain software we make the people in need to buy the tools from
merchants in order to express their creativity: the need to buy then
becomes slavery under the patronage of capitalism.

[http://rastasoft.org/resistance.txt Rasta Software Resistance inna digital babylon]
fight slavery everywhere, the digital world is next

= contact jaromil \@/ dyne.org =
== homepage on RASTASOFT.org ==

[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/ http://creativecommons.org/images/public/somerights20.png]
All the content published on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons License:
You can quote it and reproduce it, in part or entirely, also for commercial purposes.
You have to quote Jaromil as the author and provide the source where you got this information from.
If you modify it, all derivations must fall under this same license.
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