NTK_RFC 0009

Subject: Scattered Name Service Disgregation

This text describes the Scattered Name Service Disgregation, an extension of the ANDNA protocol. It will be included in the final documentation, so feel free to correct it. But if you want to change the system here described, please contact us first.


The Scattered Name Service Disgregation is the generalization of the DNS MX concept. With the SNSD a hostname can be associated to multiple IPs. Each assigned IP has a service number, in this way the IPs with the same service number are grouped in an array. In the resolution request the client will specify the service number too, therefore it will get the IP associated to the hostname and to the specific service number. Example:

The node X has registered the hostname "angelica". The default IP of "angelica" is X associates the IP to the `http' service number (80) too.

When the node Y resolves normally "angelica", it gets, but when for example its web browser tries to resolve it, it asks for the IP associated to the `http' service, therefore the resolution will return