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example of usage:
 * http://rasweb.altervista.org/index.php?mod=15_Podcast
 * http://hackmeeting.streamtime.org/

How to setup automatic publishing of voicemail

(see also: Podcast2Phone)

We use the [http://www.blagblagblag.org/BLASTERISK/ Blasterisk] Indymedia service which mails voice messages to an email address as soon as they are made.

example of usage:

On the receiving address, we have a 'username' account with .forward file in the home:

"|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/bin/procmail || exit 75 username"

which means all incoming mail has to be processed by procmail(1)

then we create a .procmailrc in the home directory, with these contents:

* ^From: BLASTERISK <blasterisk@blasterisk.blagblagblag.org>
| $HOME/save_voicemail.sh

which provide a basic configuration of procmail and then tells it to process all incoming messages from Blasterisk with a script which you can download from here -> [http://rastasoft.org/src/save_voicemail.sh save_voicemail.sh]

It is a simple shell script and if you are familiar with the technology you can adapt it for various needs. Please note that the script requires other components: [http://pldaniels.com/ripmime/ ripmime] and the perl script [http://kenwardtown.com/podcastamatic/ Podcastamatic] (requiring MP3::Info and MP4::Info from CPAN).

Hope that is useful and clear enough, otherwise contact me jaromil \@/ dyne.org

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