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 * Fluxus
 * FreeJ (Javascript)
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 *Jal (a pascal for PIC micro)  * Jal (a pascal for PIC micro)

A collective study program based on Solid Knowledge

This page spawns from a [https://www.bek.no/pipermail/piksel/2007-November/003153.html discussion on the Piksel mailinglist] about quality of education in universities.

The aim, taken up collectively by a couple of participants, is to gather a track for media design and new media art studies that highlights knowledge and tools worth to learn because they are solid, meaning they will possibly be useful "forever", as learning Latex or Emacs can be, instead of being told to study Mircosloth Office.

Solid knowledge is also the foundation for more knowledge, as in tools and language that open up more exploration possibilities and will stay compatible with them in time.

The result of this document will be an "open" course plan in the aforementioned disciplines, as a commentary what we think is correct to teach in media design and new media art.

/!\ this is just an early start, please contribute! below a proposal of outline organization


  • Life drawing
  • Art History (all media/cultures- non-electronic, old and new, high and low, popular v. studio/fine)


  • Free software issues (licensing, patents, etc)
    • (note: university-level students may not be aware of these issues-- we need to educate them)
  • How FLOSS world works-- try it yourself, bug reporting, wiki/net manners, anarchy
    • (course plan should be for all levels-- newcomers may not know this stuff)


  • Pure Data


  • Pure Data


  • Docbook
  • Emacs
  • Latex


Propedeutical languages

  • Fluxus
  • FreeJ (Javascript)
  • Processing

High level object oriented languages

  • ECMA Script (Javascript, Actionscript)

Fundamental languages

  • C/C++
  • Lisp

Functional languages

  • PHP
  • Python?

Programming on DIY hardware

  • Jal (a pascal for PIC micro)


  • Building your own equipment

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