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|| '''Pure virtual function''' || 64kb/s mp3 <D> ''2.6M'' || [http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 1] || [http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 2] || [http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 3] || [http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 1] || [http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 2] || [http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 3] || || '''Pure virtual function''' || 64kb/s mono <D> ''2.6M'' || [http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 1] || [http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 2] || [http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 3] || [http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 1] || [http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 2] || [http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 3] ||

       #####   ##  ##  ##   ##   +------------+
      ##       ### ##  ##   ##   | L O V E    |
      ##   ##  ######  ##   ##   |  P A R T Y |
      ##   ##  ## ###  ##   ##   | FOUNDATION |
       #####   ##  ##   #####    +------------+

The Mitocondri BIG band

turntables, electronics

alessandro giovannucci


andrea giovannucci

hacked electronics

davide pinna

live freej video



lorenzo braca

clarinet, flute

matteo lepore


michele coucousis


rino garzarelli


umberto smerilli

description / descrizione


  • Visual and acoustical performance, performed as a electro-acoustic jazz improvisation (length may vary, 1 or 2 hours) in which every instruments is influencing the others including the live video which "draws" the rythmical and melodical path during the execution. Artists are sitting in cirle, looking to the center in which are positioned 3 video monitors showing them what's being projected on the other public frontscreens. Like a jazz instrument, the live rendered video elaborates realtime the movements of the video performer drawing waves and geometries: as the musicians follow the video so the video performer follows the improvisation, expanding the domain of jazz over the musical instruments to the eyes of the public.

    The only software employed in the performance is [http://freej.dyne.org FreeJ], a free software developed by our laboratories, opensource and freely available, while the music is played by an orchestra of breaths and percussions, dj on turntables and electronic sounds abuserd on hacked hardware.


  • Performance visuale ed sonora, eseguita come un'improvvisazione di jazz elettro-acustico (di lunghezza variabile, 1 o 2 ore) nella quale ogni strumento influenza gli altri incluso il video live che "disegna" il sentiero ritmico e melodico durante l'esecuzione. Gli artisti siedono in cerchio, rivolti verso il centro nel quale sono disposti 3 video monitor che mostrano loro quel che viene proiettato sugli altri schermi rivolti al pubblico. Proprio come uno strumento jazz, il video elaborato in tempo reale disegna i movimenti del video artista in onde e geometrie: cosi' come i musicisti seguono il video, il video artista segue l'improvvisazione collettiva, espandendo il dominio del jazz oltre gli strumenti musicali, fino agli occhi del pubblico presente.

    L'unico software adottato nella performance e' [http://freej.dyne.org FreeJ], un software libero sviluppato dai nostri laboratori, opensource e liberamente disponibile, mentre la musica e' eseguita da un'orchestra di fiati e percussioni, dj ai piatti e suoni elettronici abusati su hardware hackerato.

authors / autori


concept and video

The Mitocondri big band


past performances / performance precedenti

  1. Bologna, 26 may 2001

materials / materiali

sound recordings are now available - free download <N>



ogg/vorbis format

mp3 format


64kb/s mono <D> 2.5M

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/waterkids.ogg mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/waterkids.ogg mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/waterkids.ogg mirror 3]

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/waterkids.mp3 mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/waterkids.mp3 mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/waterkids.mp3 mirror 3]

Swarming under my bed

64kb/s mono <D> 2.9M

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/swarming_under_my_bed.ogg mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/swarming_under_my_bed.ogg mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/swarming_under_my_bed.ogg mirror 3]

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/swarming_under_my_bed.mp3 mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/swarming_under_my_bed.mp3 mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/swarming_under_my_bed.mp3 mirror 3]


64kb/s mono <D> 1.5M

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/piezoelektro.ogg mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/piezoelektro.ogg mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/piezoelektro.ogg mirror 3]

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/piezoelektro.mp3 mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/piezoelektro.mp3 mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/piezoelektro.mp3 mirror 3]

Pure virtual function

64kb/s mono <D> 2.6M

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.ogg mirror 3]

[http://diskofrigido.mufhd0.net/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 1]

[http://autistici.org/dyne/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 2]

[http://radiocybernet.dyne.org/mitocondri/pure_virtual_function.mp3 mirror 3]

a CD is availabe with the recording of the performance done in Bologna:





[http://lab.dyne.org/images/mitocondriCD_front.jpg full size]

[http://lab.dyne.org/images/mitocondriCD_back.jpg full size]

contact <mitocondri@dyne.org> to reserve your copy (limited edition)

thanks to / ringraziamenti a

* Scuola popolare di musica Ivan Illich - Bologna

technical sheet / scheda tecnica

Available on request, feel free to contact us.

Disponibile su richiesta, contattateci pure.


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