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Hackers spinning the Dharma wheel

Sei benvenuto a j Questo documento e' una carta magna aperta: e' programmatico, visionario e inclusivo. Vuole proporre un piano da condividere ed e' gia' condiviso da molti.Original text:

You are welcome to join the new wheel spin of our history.

This document is an open magna carta: programmatic, visionary and inclusive, proposing you a plan to be shared and is already shared by many.

Right now our network has become 8 years old and by now you can imagine this number is very important to us. If you are curious to know what is happening please read on, we won't fancy you with special effects, but dreams, thoughts and projects we are ready to realize.

Of course this text doesn't just talks about "us": being an open network we are including multiple contexts around the world with which we share mutual help, where our contribution is mostly technical, as in our activity in free and open source development. In fact, besides the generic idea of FOSS, we are moved by the following dreams, that are slowly but steadily becoming reality...

For all this we are infinitely grateful to the GNU project that let us discover how to get hold of knowledge, take control of the architecture we live in and even start building a new planet :)

Dharma youth

Freedom of Creativity

No nationhood

Networked cities

Horizontal media

Freedom of identity




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