annunciazio'! annunciazio'! free software foundry proudly presents to you the beginning of a new development campaign - the dyne:III operating system!

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* Frequently Asked Questions

** Please stop shouting and tell me what is this!

Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable operating system, containing a whole set of applications working straight from boot, without the need to install or change anything on the hard disk.

Dyne:bolic is user-friendly: recognizes your hardware devices and offers a vast range of software for multimedia production: audio and video manipulation, sound composition and synthesis, 3D modeling, photography, peer2peer filesharing, web browsing, veejaying, desktop publishing, word processing, cd burning, email, privacy, anonymity tools and more.

Dyne:bolic includes code from thousands of programmers all around the world: a lively community of artists, teachers and developers writing, using, distributing and adapting software according to diverse and desires. We love to share what we accomplish freely: this operating system does not contain non-free parts, thing you have to buy, drivers that lock your hardware or forces you to use a certain product.

This operating system is a grassroot effort to share independent knowledge, keeping away from commercial speculations and capitalist corporations that limit people's freedom. Our aim is to create a peaceful environment that doesn't tries to rip you off at every click, store your private information in the cloud, put a logo on your creations or force your friends to download a plugin to watch your videos.

*** Quote of the day

** Dude! I know dyne:bolic, just tell me what's new!

Basically everything, starting from the software, the libraries and the desktop. You will need hardware that is reasonably more powerful than 5 years ago when dyne:II was released, while the desktop is now way more user friendly and includes many configuration tools, facilitates alternative access and is fairly intuitive.

It would be too long a list of changes now, so have a look around and let us know what do you think, the dyne:bolic mailinglist is the best place where to share your impressions and suggestions; we'll be listening and we will be developing dyne:III further in the coming months.

** It doesn't works on my computer! some cards are not found...

A big difference between dyne:bolic and other popular operating systems around is that we adopt only 100% free software, which means our system is free from proprietary software. The result is that we can provide support for less hardware cards (video, network, wireless and such): just those working transparently, following a well documented protocol and running free and open source drivers that make it clear to everyone what the device is doing. It is frustrating on the short term to have such a limited hardware support, but we think is worth on the long term because it gives everyone the freedom to study, adapt and modify software and hardware and to clearly know what is happening inside our machines.

*** Why freedom is better on the long term?

To explain why this is important, let us propose you an example in a different context, that of food production: many farmers in the World have been told by the global mega-corporations that by buying and using their proprietary chemicals and seeds their farms would be more productive. The result of this corporate fraud is that farmers become dependent from foreign and proprietary chemicals and seeds: they are often genetically modified so that plants won't produce more seeds, plus they are protected by patents so that farmers themselves cannot study, adapt and redistribute the technology they are using. It even gets worst, since these proprietary and globalised products cannot be appropriate to the contexts they are used: not even the promise of productivity is maintained and the soil gets poisoned by the ignorance and inability of the mega-corporations that will never be able to supply very different needs around the world.

Now, back to your computer :^) think of how important is the technology you use to build your social interaction online, your digital productions and audio/video creations. As the importance of this technology grows in your life, so it grows the power of the mega-corporations which are acting unethically by locking you out of your own device, denying your freedom to study, modify, adapt and redistribute all what you use. On the long term you will find yourself depending from these technologies and being limited by them, you will not be able to evolve and use your knowledge and skills at their full potential. You'll be a mental slave trained to say yes to license agreements progressively corroding your rights and interacting with prefabricated interfaces which will limit your freedom and squeeze out your time and money while doing that.

That's why we consciously eliminate support for the hardware that closes you up in such traps. For instance if you are a digital artist, using dyne:bolic or other 100% free operating systems you can be sure that your creations can be preserved in time, without being held hostage of proprietary technologies needed to reproduce them.

*** Ok! so you think you're smart, hu? what should I do then?!

Next time you buy technology, think twice and choose wisely! here is a useful initiative you can visit to find out which hardware is well supported by free software:

Liberate yourself from mental slavery!

** Hey! I'm not a noob, can you tell me what's under the hood?

Ok, lets put it clear: dyne:III is a completely new development base and this release is just the beginning of a new course. Right now the most interesting part is in the SDK and, while it is a usable and useful live OS, dyne:bolic 3.0.0 release doesn't yet implements all the features that we are going to put in there: but don't worry, they will start coming.

The dyne:III consists in a Debian-Live system running free packages from various Apt based distributions, mostly Pure:dyne and Trisquel, which are blends of Ubuntu. Debian-Live scripts in particular have progressed well in the past years and finally reached a point that is comparable to the dyne:II boot scripts, so now we can start from there and build on top of the Debian foundations.

On the desktop we have a fine tuned Gnome 2, for booting there is Grub2 and our ramdisk script lets you boot automatically from an ISO on your harddisk or even on a USB stick, without the need to extract a directory from it.

With some time and your good support, we plan to implement inside dyne:III most features already present in dyne:I and dyne:II like: optimization for old hardware, docking, nesting, good introductory documentation, the modules mechanism and more possibilities to customize and to cluster machines on the same network in various ways. But this time we are looking at the longer term: rather than implementing our unique live features just for our own system, we plan to integrate them into the APT structure so that, in case they like, also other distributions can benefit from them. While doing that we can concentrate less on package maintainance and more on the actual development of the SDK and our operating system.

Interested in what is coming up? take contact with us and start exchanging code, more than ever the dyne:III approach is open to collaborations, you'll find us on the gnu-linux-libre and of course on the dynebolic mailinglists. Here below some links:

SDK scripts:

Debian-Live scripts and documentation:

Pure:dyne distribution and packages:

Linux-Libre kernel, 100% Free:

List of software that we avoid:

Trisquell 100% GNU/Linux based on Ubuntu:

Our code on and

** And.. what does the codename MUNIR stands for?

The codename of dyne:III is an hommage to the memory of Munir Said Thalib, a human rights activist that was assassinated in 2004 on a flight between Indonesia and the Netherlands, poisoned with arsenic. His witness and courage, together with that of more fellow activists, brought him to question the integrity of a despotic government acting against the interest of its own citizens. His actions stand as an example for all those who struggle for peace and solidarity, questioning corrupted and despotic powers despite the dangers that such actions imply.

Munir died fighting the injustice and long trail of corruption from the dictatorship of militarized mass murders: denouncing their regime, their persecutions, corruption, sanguinary repression of youth movements and servile opportunism to the ruthless interests of the mega-corporations.

We stand united with all the brothers and sisters of Kontras, IKOHI and YPKP. We will not forget Munir, as many other human rights activists who were assassinated like him. One can kill a man, but cannot kill ideas. All our solidarity goes to those who have known him in life and irremediably miss him now and, most importantly, to all those who commit to make the World a better place by denouncing the corruption, collusion and nepotism of the ruling casts in power.

** Who are you?!

A swarm of people and ideas, sometimes condensed around a pair of hands on a keyboard. You can point your browser to to find out more, many links bring to different places and hopefully you'll enjoy your journey through our literature, which is also constantly changing and, if you like, co-evolving with you. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to development of free software as in free speech. Since the year 2000 managed to connect a loose network of hackers and gather their activity in both on-line and on-site operations. Admittely, in recent times, the culture we come from has grown to the point that reducing our presence to a single entity is way too reductive. is a network of networks, a meeting point, a campfire, a whispering place and a stage for ideas and projects of which dyne:bolic is just one of many.

If you like to support and help us raise the quality of what we do, please consider to make us a donation or get in touch to discuss opportunities and cooperations.

Many are the people we are grateful for all the support they share to make our projects blossom, as crazy idealistic as they can be, our love constantly inspire more and more people around. We will do our best to express our gratefulness in actions and facts rather than in a list of names here, which would be always incomplete, since you are many out there and you know it well.

The following organizations have recently contributed to help us along the hard road to success: / Stadtwerkstatt, Montevideo/NIMk, the Pixel network, The hackmeeting community, the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project, PEOPLE ShareIT (EU), Kennisland / Digital Pioneers, The Next Layer, the Hackerspace movement and all those crazy people who believe we can make the World a better place for humanity and know very well we can't do it alone.

* Disclaimer


dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is copyleft (C)2001-2011 by the Foundation

Several redistributed software are copyrighted by the respective authors, it is documented in the accompanying manual of the distribution.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to: Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. is available to provide the source of the included binaries upon request, all the included software can be redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPL license and, in some cases, the X/BSD license.

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