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Fetch your favorite iso, in the following examples we will take puredyne-911-carrot_and_coriander iso to show that this procedures can apply to a lot of different isos/systems.

The basic procedure is simple:
 * mount in a loop the iso;
 * copy the content of the image in a directory of choice except for the main squashfs filesystem (on ubuntu and debian named filesystem.squash, on dynebolic dyne.sys);
 * uncompress the squashfs into another directory of choice;
 * copy from the host system or edit manually /etc/resolv.conf to use working dns;
 * do a bind mount of dev,proc and sys into the uncompressed directory;
Please read DynebolicCreate to reach this document ;)

Remaster your own live installer, live iso

Please read DynebolicCreate to reach this document ;)

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