Art in the Park

Villa de Riseis, Pescara, luglio 2009

An art-camp involving students from different places in Europe to meet, develop and show their creations, following an open exchange on themes like radio making, media design, recycling and cycling, involving social art practices based on streets, open air spaces and the digital networks.


The city of Pescara counts more than 120.000 inhabitants, growing up to almost a million people in the summer, when lots of turists, mostly Italians, come to have holydays on the beach.

Art left abandoned

In recent times Pescara has been theatre of controversial urban plans, hosting many unused buildings and spaces within the city. The most important art festival is Fuori Uso, held since many years (resisting, with difficulties) exhibiting various international artists in abandoned urban structures, trying to re-activate them somehow. Another recent festival capable of bringing over several electronic artists is the PEAM.

As of now and despite being very succesful, both these festivals aren't able to continue their activity. The most recent metaphore of the decaying of art in Pescara: japanese artist Toyo Ito was called to make a statue in its main square, it costed a million euro and it broke down in half a year.

In this festival we don't intend to hide these facts: giving a good image of this city would be extremely naive. Our focus on recycling practices, grass-root production and community interaction in artistic creativity is there to specifically address existing problems and to propose a new approach for their solution, hopefully leveraging the participation and impact of cultural activities in a Mediterranean city like Pescara.

Outline of activities