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SVN: http://dev.hinezumi.org/

Hinezumilabs/Freaknet code


  • Netsukuku - Netsukuku is a P2P network system that generates and sustains itself autonomously, using a fractal algorithm to calculate routes. It is designed to handle a large number of nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources.

  • Vgpd - vgp is a daemon working like Cisco(c) HSRP

  • Prayishtar - How to reach the Internet anonymously from a hostile network


  • Woc - Web of Code. Wocvim is a WoC client for Vim. WoC is a protocol which enables the use of hyperlinks in plain ASCII texts. The links can point to local or remote locations. The protocol is specifically designed to support source code, but it can be used in any text. For source code, it's also possible to use ad-hoc tag generators like cscope and ctags.
  • Xchestival - XChestival is an improved version of xchat_speak designed for Italian. It lets xchat and irssi "speak" through festival. It comes with a script for xchat and irssi and the Italian phonemes. The scripts have some useful features like channels and query filtering and string substitution.
  • alpt-wm - A minimalistic, small, fast and useful Window Manager in just ~1800 lines of code.
  • PHPSambaPasswd - This software allows your Samba Domain users to change their password via Web Interface.


  • Gdadin - Gdadin is an Inkscape effect. It creates complex drawings from simple rules. They are defined with an intuitive GUI based on the Copy&Paste principle.

  • Sucast - A collective-web-streaming-server written in ~60 lines of shell script, during the Italian hackmeeting 2007.
  • EvolvotronComplexity - This script mutates an initial random image in only one direction, that of the minimum redundancy, or in another words that of the maximum complexity.


  • Mother - A python orm for postgresql with a strong introspection and DB-autoadaption capabilities.

  • Cserver - A framework to develop concurrent multi-threaded tcp/udp servers: it's possible to handle multiple servers at the same time.

Sys admin tools

  • Emerde - Emerde is a port of Gentoo's portage system that installs, removes, updates, and maintains your system rapidly and easily. On Slackware, it cooperates with the package database and allows you to install .tgz files directly using dependency checking. Note on the name: Gentoo's portage system was named "emerge". Taking the G in emerGe as the G of Gentoo, emerde was named with D as the D in Distros. Emerde can be intended as an effort to make emerge available for linux distributions in general. Indeed, while it was initially a port of emerge to Slackware, some have ported it to other linux distributions.

  • chktrf (Check Traffic) - a perl script that sniffs to an interface searching for packets that match with some defined filter rules, it sends email when this occurs.


  • Closebracket - Closebracket incorporates a number of scripts that are executed in different situations. For example, running closebracket with the name of a directory as argument will "cd" into it, while running closebracket without arguments will run "ls" and list the content of the current directory. There are many more other scripts. For example, running closebracket with the name of a .tar.gz file will untar the file and "cd" into the directory that is created. The aim of closebracket is to speed up the typing of the most repetitive shell commands by typing a a single command in their place.
  • Pwdrc - Pwdrc lets you executes your set of commands each time you walk in a directory with `cd'. You can associate a different set of commands to each directory.


  • Xmplayer - A XMMS replacement in bash
  • Akl - A program which, given a text as input, computes the most efficient keyboard layout for the given text.


  • Gentoo Embedded How to - a document (italian and english lang) that shows how to use the Gentoo Portage package system to build an embedded operating system.

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