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DYNEBOLIC 1.0 :: proposed software upgrades and documentation

here is a proposal.

we also need to better document the following software: webpage and short description you are welcome to contribute to this work!!! edit the list below and add proper informations






GNU/Linux based live bootable CD-ROM

DyneBolic is a really cool Blasting live bootable CD-ROM, this means is a neat disk you put in your cd reader and reboot the machine, having a complete operative system recognizing your sound, video, TV and network cards and running only with Free Software. DyneBolic works without the need of harddisks, you need just some low profile requirements (see below) and you'll get back Good Software ;)

This distribution is an effort to give everyone the possibility to discover how GNU/Linux and free software taste better than any other operative system; while it is also a way to support research in free software development: if you think that any customization of Dyne owned :)