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dyne.org defines itself as a platform which concentrates on the distribution of free software programs. doing this, the participants of dyne.org point out the high potential of open source tools with regard to artistic,technical and social creation. /!\ just some thoughts
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==== intention ====

we define "spreading of information" as a tool to artificially increase availability of tools which are based on material which is distributable via electronic networks. "spreading" works against diminishing which is a capitalistical attitude to control the markets and assure political and economic influence. well accepted side effect of this practises is an accellerated distinction of diversities in worldsociety. as a part of a sociey which counts on diminishing-practises, we do have to accede on a daily-life basis; nevertheless, we take the freedom to "offer" as well as to "express".

==== identities ====
about identities:
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they define themself within their activity into the comminity. identities define themself within their activity into the community.

/!\ just some thoughts

about identities:

identities are the constituting fundamental of every community. identities define themself within their activity into the community. dyne.org is a community opened to defined identities.

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