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This is a partial buglist for d:b 1.1.1, which we are using while the main bug tracker http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/dynebolic is dead.

Most of these are not really bugs; I have just dumped my list of notes into this wiki. -martin

Until savannah comes up again, please report new bugs here, in the New Bug Reports section; when the development staff have taken note of your bug they will move it down into the main section.

New bug reports

8 april graphisch lyceum Amsterdam : video card VGA not recognized 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA

Old bug reports

"Submitted <date>" means that I have uploaded the bug to savannah. -martin

Two-CD wierdness (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 1 nov 2003 by martin

  • With d:b CD on 2nd IDE master and CD burner on 2nd IDE slave, if I boot: linux it works ok, doesn't show me an icon for the 2nd CD (as a reader) but *does* eject the slave CD instead of the master on reboot (!!!)

Can't access CD burner on 2nd IDE slave (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 3 nov 2003 by martin

  • With d:b CD on 2nd IDE master and CD burner on 2nd IDE slave, if I boot: linux hdd=ide-scsi it gets as far as:
    • VFS: Cannot open root device "" or 03:03 Please append root= boot option Kernel panic.
    presumably because ide-scsi also grabs hdc, which then becomes inaccessible through /dev/hdc. Using "boot: linux hdd=ide-scsi root=/dev/scd0" gives the same result.

Firebird not resizable at 800x600 (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 3 nov 2003 by martin

  • The geometry of firebird's default window is larger than the 600 height, which means that you can't get to the resize button in the bottom right corner if your maximum display is 800x600.

Extra auto hardware detection (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 3 nov 2003 by martin

  • No network card that I tried was detected, nor sound card. However, a simple
    • modprobe 3c59x
    is enough to detect and load a PCI 3c905 card and
    • modprobe sb
    is enough to detect and load a ISA16 soundblaster at 220-5-1

    The first is probably because pcimodules dies with an illegal instruction (!) in the machine in question, while the soundblaster detection is to be done!

MUSE: connecting to server to stream goes into infinite wait (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 3 nov 2003 by martin

  • As soon as I hit "connect" to activate MuSE streaming, the application

    locks up with the "Connect": button in the "IceCast Configuration" window remaining pressed: MuSe Windows no longer update themselves when uncovered, and you can't kill it with the [X] button. Is this because I am behind a NAPT firewall?

    No, this is a known bug in MuSe.

Publicvoice.fm audio links don't work with Dynebolic browsers (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 15 nov 2003 by martin

  • With Firebird or with links, clicking on the names in the list of active radio stations just opens up a "Save As: option instead of lauching the helper application... you need to open xmms and copy and paste the URL into an "Add URL" window. (Or copy it by hand from links graphic)

Duplicate resolutions in "System -> change resolution" (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 3 nov 2003 by martin

  • With a 1024-768-capable monitor I get a menu of video resolutions:
    • 1024x768 800x600 640x480 800x600 800x600
    They all work, but having these duplicates is silly!

Gnuchess fails playing both sides (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 3 nov 2003 by martin

  • If you start games->xboard & select menu "Mode - Two machines", it says "Failed to start second chess program gnuchessx on localhost: gnuchessx: No such file or directory.", then it gives an infinite sequence of "Error writing to second chess program: Broken pipe". Fix: install gnuchessx as well!

Strange failure messages during boot sequence (d:b 1.1)

Submitted: 15 nov 2003 by martin

  • modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module xfs mount: fs type xfs not supported by kernel

    OpenMosix: WARN: Invalid configuration in map-file /etc/openmosix.map "Processes already allowed to leave" etc etc suggests that there are extra pointless configuration options that repeat the default settings. ("I processi possono gia` andarsene" ecc) During X startup: PEXExtension: Couldn't open default PEX font file Roman_M

Focussing weirdness between xterm and activity meter

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • Repeat-by:
    • Open an xterm (see cursor full block = focussed) Move the activity meter by dragging one of its topmost pixels
      • (xterm loses focus)
      Click inside the xterm window - it doesn't get the focus back
      • (try typing!)
      - you have to click on its title bar to focus it again.

XMMS: Configured radio station "ondarossa" in xmms has the wrong address

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

Cinelerra Users' manual not found

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

Include manuals with CD

  • 2) Yes, dynebolic should include a copy of the full manual for the
    • version of all the applications it includes. Most people do not have internet on line, so they can't get the manuals, which makes most apps useless. Even if they do have inet, they need the manual for the version on their dynebolic CD, not the one for the latest available version. Here's what you can do with some of the spare 200 MB!
    However, I *do* like the idea of having a "manual" button next to the button that launches the program! Maybe I can work on this...

Lives can't write to /tmp

  • On a 128MB PC, Video -> Edit -> Lives gave a window with:

    • "LIVES was unable to write to its temporary directory. The current temporary directory is: /tmp/ Please make sure the directory is writable."
    /tmp *is* writable and the / filesystem has 1197 KB free?) This only happened once. I am unable to reproduce this bug.

Themes "Checker" and "OpenSTEP" only change the title bars and menus, leaving the background from the previous theme

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • Of course, this may be deliberate

USB storage device locks computer up

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • When I plug the USB of my Nokia 5510 phone in (64 MB, FAT12) - if I plug it in before I power up, it gets as far as
    • " . loading kernel module eepro100 ... OK" then locks up (no numlock).
    - in a running system, as soon as I press the USB button or access
    • /rem, any process trying to access /rem blocks, then anything accessing the hard disk or CDROM gets blocked, and after a few

      minutes everything dies, including num lock & text-mode echo. "ps aux" says:

    root 582 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? DW 13:59 0:00 [usb-storage-0] root 583 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? DW 13:59 0:00 [scsi_eh_1]
  • .. root 592 0.0 1.9 2456 1180 ? S 14:00 0:00 /bin/bash /usr/bin/xwc /rem/usb1 root 593 1.0 8.5 9900 5092 ? S 14:00 0:00 xfe /rem/usb1 root 594 0.0 0.7 1380 464 ? S 14:00 0:00 /usr/sbin/automount /rem file /etc/auto.removable root 595 0.0 0.7 1356 436 ? D 14:00 0:00 /bin/mount -t auto /dev/sda1 /rem/usb1 A 128MB USB stick works ok (type vfat). Is this maybe bcos the phone has a FAT12 filesystem on it? It works ok under windows. This may be because d:b includes both the old usb-uhci and the new uhci drivers, but the old one gets loaded up first. With just the uhci driver, the phone does not lock the machine up, but nor is it seen - I cannot test this further as I have no usb storage devices that work with either driver.

Minumum nest size of 64M excludes 64M pendrives.

Submitted: 14 oct 03

  • After formatting, there is just *under* 64MB free on a 64MB pendrive, which means that you can't nest on it as the minimum size is 64MB. A minimum of 63MB or maybe a lot less would be better.

Can't write data to floppy.

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • I can read files ok off floppies, and seem to be able to copy/move things to an automounted floppy, but can't get dynebolic to actually write the data to the floppy disk - when the last process closes /rem/floppy, the data is not flushed, and the volume is not unmounted.

/floppy seems superfluous

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • Floppies are mounted on /rem/floppy, but /floppy also exists, although it seems not to be used for anything and its existence is confusing.

PureData -> Help -> Pure Documentation -> 1.manual -> index.htm (or anything.htm)

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • Gives "Error in Tcl script: Error: can't read "pd_nt": no such variable"

LbreakoutII multiplayer server?

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • Can't figure out how to get a server running to do multiplayer LbreakoutII

No man -k

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • Need to run /usr/lib/makewhatis immediately before burning. to regenerate manual keyword index and install /usr/bin/apropos

Gimp throws up "Can't write to swapfile"

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

  • It writes its swapfile in /tmp (user needs to move it to a big device.. or... er... um...

convert (ImageMagick): "man" page is missing

Submitted: 14 oct 03 by martin

Nesting gets drive exclusion for multiple drives wrong.

Submitted: 20 oct 03 by martin

  • I have a tiny nest on /vol/hd1, while /vol/hd2 is a huge empty new filesystem. I try to create a nest on the new volume, and the nesting script says (rightly) "A nest is already present on a scanned device, it is excluded from your nesting choices"
  • .. and then in the list of choices it ONLY gives me "0. /vol/hd1 size: free: "

Unformatted disk volumes are half-treated

Submitted: 20 oct 03 by martin

  • An unformatted partition (and, presumably, an unrecognised partition format) is not mounted, but an entry *is* created for it under /vol, which is confusing, since it appears that you can write data there, but anything put there goes onto the ramdisk and is lost at reboot.

Enabling the nest stops X starting up.

  • If I allow d:b to enable the 64M nest on hd1 during startup, X fails to start up. It's last gasp is "/dev/fb0: No such file or directory" The only config that has (explicitly) been made to the nest is setting the uk keyboard, but the machine *has* been powered off without shutting it down.

GPM doesn't start up automatically, and is broken anyway.

  • GPM doesn't start up at system boot. I start it by hand, running "gpm -t ps2" and it says "since gpm 1.20.0 you need to specify -m" So I run gpm -t ps2 -m /dev/mouse and it says "gpm is already running as PID 618" but there is no process 618 running! (the failed gpm -t ps2 left /var/run/gpm.pid lying around, and the new invocation doesn't check that that process is still alive, which you can easily do by sending signal I know this is gpm's problem. Why do they have to stop things working?

Version number is hidden and wrong

  • It's very hard to find out what version of dynebolic you are running! I found it in the end, in the credits dsection of the splash (where it is irrelevant and wrong!). It should go on the main splash window.

Firebird issues:

  • - firebird's executable is called "phoenix" - if u start firebird from command line (as phoenix) it goes to
    • home page dynebolic.org, while if you start it from the menus it goes to dyne.org. The default home page should be defined in one place!

    - telnet://medialab.freaknet.org gives "telnet: unregistered protocol" - opening pdf files does not invoke xpdf (although this is present)

Right-button clicking on splash window should work

Submitted 26 oct 03 by martin

Some programs do not close on [X]-click. Xkill on double click?

Grip: Summer nights as default song stem?

icecast responds to [X] by rereading its config files (SIGHUP, not SIGTERM)

gpa is totally broken (bad config file or missing libraries - I forget which)

rezound dumps core when disk fills (SIGSEGV) and in middle of recording for no apparent reasons (tried on 2 different sets of hardware).

vmstat is missing

USB-driving modules uhci and usb-uhci are *alternatives* - you shouldn't have them both! uhci is the more recent rewritten-from-scratch version.

When I take the USB pen drive out, its contents don't go away, they just decay little by little! I don't know what happens if I then insert a different USB storage device - I don't want to guess!

The same goes for floppies... and if I change to a different floppy, I still get the contents of the old one, even if I do "refresh" in the xfe menu.

GIMP's file menu is preloaded with codedoc pictures, two of which are present but irrelevant to dynebolic release, and two of which do not exist.

On ASUS computer with USB keyboard, the keyboard works in text mode but goes dead when X starts up.

/usr/src/linux/Documentation/input/input.txt may have something to say about this: it mentions XFConfig settings for input-core-driven mice.

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