Dynebolic & Software packages

Overview You can install software using a variety of pre-made packages into a dyne:bolic system. Unless the package installs them to a nest they are lost at reboot/shutdown & have to be installed again at nest startup.

Supported Formats Dyne:bolic has three formats installed: these are Debian packages (packagename.deb), Red Hat packages (packagename.rpm) and Slackware packages (packagename.tgz). Although these formats are names after their originating distro they are used across multiple distros. Jaromil has stated that in the future he intends to add support for autopackage.

rpm & deb packages At the time of writing (using 2.4.2) both these methods seem to fail. If you have had success with either please consider revising this entry. In the meantime you can convert rmp's or deb packages to Slackware packages using a terminal with the command:

alien -t packagename.deb (obviously substituting your packagename for packagename.deb).