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Note on manual

Adding macro to manual to link the wiki at foot page.

preparing usb sticks from linux works for windows!

Accept iso from local filesystem, need to be tested with the dynebolic iso.


Wish list

Notes Xorg7 upgrade

The package have being renamed xorg7.dyne for not messing up the build for now I had to change the link of /usr/X11R6 from /opt/xorg/ to /opt/xorg7 for building purpose !!! Don't do it at home !!! Especially while running X, the X system is gonna unreavel under you hands if you don't know what you are doing.


Links wich is a text browser if it cannot find the Xlibs for wich have being compiled to offer X features it will not start and segfault even when the -no-g option is given, there is no work around. Proposal: compile 2 versions one with X support and one without it. Install lynx and w3m ile , amaya in an optional package, maybe a webdevel package