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== Hardware connections = == Hardware connections ==

Appunti sull'uso della stracazzo di fluxengine

Hardware connections

  • Flat cable pin 1 to the micro-USB side.
  • Non-inverted floppy connection to the drive! Red wire to the dent side.

Turn on the FD FIRST, and connect the fluxengine usb cable AFTER. Drive must turn LED on for about 2 seconds, eventually parking the head.

If LED is fixed ON, this means some cable are upside down!

./fluxengine rpm must read the rpm speed. WITH A DISK INSIDE

Test cases

  • IBM PC 360K: ./fluxengine read ibm -s:t=0-40 -o petacci.img
  • IBM PC 1.2MB: ./fluxengine read ibm -o petacci.img (to be tested)
  • Read IBM PC 360K Floppy disk on a 1.2MB DRIVE: ./fluxengine read ibm -s:t=0-79x2 -o petacci12.img

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