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A WikiWikiWeb is a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information. This wiki is also part of the InterWiki space. Defaced By Cyber Storm !!! W3 4R3 XFLR6 & ISOTHOP !!!
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MoinMoin is a Python WikiClone, based on PikiPiki. The name is a common German slang expression explained on the MoinMoin page. If you run a Wiki using MoinMoin, please add it to the MoinMoinWikis page.

You are encouraged to add to the MoinMoinIdeas page, and edit the WikiSandBox whichever way you like. Please try to restrain yourself from adding unrelated stuff, as I want to keep this clean and part of the project documentation.

/!\ Please see Wiki:WikiForumsCategorized for a list of wikis by topic.

You can edit any page by pressing the link at the bottom of the page. Capitalized words joined together form a WikiName, which hyperlinks to another page. The highlighted title searches for all pages that link to the current page. Pages which do not yet exist are linked with a question mark: just follow the link and you can add a definition.

To learn more about what a WikiWikiWeb is, read about WhyWikiWorks and the WikiNature. Also, consult the WikiWikiWebFaq.

Interesting starting points:

  * RecentChanges: see where people are currently working
  * HelpForBeginners: to get you going
  * WikiSandBox: feel free to change this page and experiment with editing
  * MoinMoinTodo: discussion about the improvement of MoinMoin
  * FindPage: search or browse the database in various ways

Technical problems? Contact JürgenHermann via email.

Defaced By Cyber Storm !!! W3 4R3 XFLR6 & ISOTHOP !!!


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