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= dyne.org =

This is a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information. This wiki is also part of the InterWiki space. '''You are encouraged to add to and update these pages.''' If you just want to experiment a bit with the editing function feel free edit the WikiSandBox whichever way you like.

Here you'll find discussions, ideas, drafts, comments and links inherent to dyne.org projects and initiatives.

== netecology / concept ==

  * Manifesto

== FreeSoftware projects ==

  * HasciiCam
  * MuSE
  * Hascii
  * FreeJ

== hacktivism ==

  * AntiG8 - genoa 21-22 july 2001
  * Proximity - della prossimita' / about proximity

== performances ==

  * AtlanticTransferJam
  * TheMitocondri - GNU love party foundation
  * SophisticatedSoiree

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