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Garth Kidd <moinmoin-spam@deadlybloodyserious.com> previously spent time hacking away on ZWiki, but got sick of Zope. Now he's figuring out whether he wants to use MoinMoin for http://www.deadlybloodyserious.com/ (still nothing but a template).

2001-04-22: In one of those classic distraction moves, Garth has spent a lot of time trying to nail down bug 417833 in pydoc which he tripped over whilst trying to use it to view MoinMoin.Page and other modules in the package. As a result, he has made no progress with editing MoinMoin but to clean up init and clean up the manner in which MoinMoin.config handles setting defaults.

2001-04-20: Garth is still considering MoinMoin. Pant. Wheeze. Current questions are (with italicised answers from jh):

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