This page collects small abstracts of talks given by Jaromil

Semantics of code

Starts describing the way the GNU General Public License works, the freedom we are talking about, the free software phenomenon as an an efficient evolutionary paradigm based on Collaboration instead of Competition.

Engages an exploration of the Semantics of Code and Creation, from Saussure to Knuth, considering lunguistical, historical and social aspects, with a political consideration about the Rastafari notion of Creation as opposed to the Consumerist asset of capitalist society. Among the others are quoted Bruno Latour, Eben Moglen and Arthut Rimbaud.

Concludes with a consideration about the role of software patents: in context of India, where free software can open the possibility of local development as opposed to the colonialist establishment of multinational corporations; and of Europe, where if approved software patents can stale the economy in a situation of monopoly.

Free software for the freedom of creation

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