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re all,

this is the first of a series of open letters i'd like to send to this list, the incipit is a lecture by Bruce Sterling in Amsterdam at the Zwijger.


First of all Thanks for this, i had at least a laugh for the good show

but also, i almost had to standup and shout. then i didn't shout so i got a bit depressed. but don't worry, writing this mail helped :)

The show offered the audience to write questions to be read on stage

i didn't wrote mine there since i guess it wouldn't have gone through, being a statemen:

- -

  • "I wasn't a Yuppie"
    • Philip K. Dick

- -

for Bruce Sterling televised saying that Minority Report was scripted by futurist designers

anthropology prof. Pels http://leidsewetenschappers.leidenuniv.nl/show_en.php3?medewerker_id=768 was unfortunate he didn't share his views on Science Fiction and Africa

both Bruce and Pels haven't been generous to the public does creative industry means greedy on thoughts? :>

i saw powerpointed images downloaded from google, but none of them matching my science fiction mental map, no real stimulus, few literary matching also. can we see something at a conference that is not on google?

Science Fiction Science Faction, with little Satisfaction

i had to hear Religion and CyberPunk being spoken a couple of times in the same sentence. without even a quote of "Information wants to be Free" or "CyberPunk is an attitude".


i was really deluded.



please don't take my caps lock as disrespectful, i'm just passionate :)

AND PLEASE let me be constructive now :)

if you read until here and trust me this is not just a stupid rant and i'm happy you are in Amsterdam.

i'll give you my answer to a question i would have liked to hear, if it's true like you said that is all about present:

what most cyberpunks are now? the generation you contributed to create?

in short: security experts working for IT corporations

we were really all influenced by Gibson and also by you Bruce, and many others. American litterature has been fabolous. for this we are thankful and very respectful.

i wish North America wouldn't have forgotten her shamans,

  • - Walt Whitman where are you now -

Bruce: i'm here to tell you of an emergency of the present.

i'm faithful we both wish the same to transform what is happening and gain consciousness for new alchemies

As you stated, i also wish like you that terror is over, i really do.

but brilliant minds are all bought by the terror industry and in best cases by monopolies of information.

i'm sure you know the south italians are very practical people when it comes about raising their kids. they go for the money and do workholydays on surveillance systems in Qatar.

there was a quick mention of Epistemology in your talk, too hard to engage doe, i understand, as world is on paradox.

Pension funds invest capitals in the weapon industry that kills citizens elsewhere, meanwhile bloggers in Baghdad establish empathic links to people developing cancer in Amsterdam, chatting on Skype..

as a matter of fact weapons aren't new, but facing contradictions has never been so global and interconnected.

you don't really look clueless Bruce, i mean you are very smart and wise, modestly admitting you are clueless. socratic so to say. allright :)

i am honoured that i can talk to an Intelligentia like you.

if you like one day, we can meet in person to talk about Our Culture, i'd be delighted.


- -- (_ jaromil _)(_ http://korova.dyne.org _)


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