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visit also our [http://lists.dyne.org/dynebolic/ mailing list.] visit also our [[http://lists.dyne.org/dynebolic/|mailing list.]]

Minor Bug Reporting Page

This page is for reporting minor bugs.

Major bugs should be posted to http://bugs.dyne.org

Minor Bugs

  • GKrell Plugin GKrellWeather doesn't work because of missing GrabWeather2 perl script. -axeloide

  • Nethack crashes after choosing a character type (works okay if you let the computer select it) - jblackwood
  • After creating a nest Dynebolic says "NOW REBOOT DYNEBOLIC TO ACTIVATE YOUR NEST!" and the only option is "OK!" . It should mention that pressing ok won't reboot your computer...

  • Previous language and keyboard settings are not read when opening lost_in_babylon through Dynesplash. This doesn't happen when opening lost_in_babylon through the system -> set language menu item. (original minor bug by Steph Deluxe)

  • Same problem with the Nettante app (opened through the system>set network or through Dynesplash).

  • Nettante appends new hostname and dns values to their corresponding files (I'm not sure if this is exactly a minor bug, but i think that it should rewrite the files when saving)

  • When setting the static ip configuration through nettante, it should allow to specify more than one dns server, or at least notify that only one dns server is accepted.

  • The default dns servers in the /etc/resolv.conf doesn't seem to work for me.

-Jose (el dot! atomo at gmail daht com)

Mouse problem

  • Mouse makes weird movements on Compaq Armada 3500 (P2-366 MHz), how to help solve this?
  • dyne:bolic 2.4.2 - Wenger wireless "Daytona" mouse only has vertical axis function. The reset buttons on the side of the mouse cause the cursor to go off the desktop. Regular USB and PS2 mice work OK.

Dan C-

Unrecognized Video

  • Video defaults to 640 x 480 in my IBM Netvista M42 8305-29U with Intel Extreme Graphics (GMCH chipset). Attempts to choose any other video mode using XF86Setup failed.

Firefox silently fails in 1.3

Trying to run Firefox silently fails. Upon trying to launch Firefox I see ~1/2 second of CPU activity and then nothing. Same symptoms whether from menu or cmd line. I am guessing that this is also why the printer configuration menu item silently fails. (using links2 to http://localhost:631 does work)

paul at techcenter3000 daht com

Printing problems in 1.3

rc.cupsd has 2 lines that refer to loading the parport/lp modules, but they do not get loaded. Loading them by hand via modprobe seems to work fine, at least the printer initializes. However, the only print spooler I can find is cups-lpd, which wants to run from (x)inetd, which doesn't seem to exist. Trying to run cups-lpd& will cause it to suspend.

paul at techcenter3000 daht com

Reclaimable space in 1.3 (very very minor issue)

I noticed some man pages that don't have corresponding programs. (examples: lpadmin, lpdomatic) It's probably not that much space (a meg or so maybe), but might add up to enough to allow another/newer/larger package on the cd. It saves a few more meg (quick test says about 7.5) to gzip the man pages and have man as a script that gunzips and passes the result to the original man command.

the usr/share/man dir is compresset using squashfs so there is no point in adding another layer of compression, it would just slow down everything. consider that with the present setup the man pages are already stored in compressed format -jrml

paul again


Even after the bug reports, thanks to the dynebolic team for the great work. paul

thank you :) -jrml

Keyboard unresponsive

dynebolic works great for my p2-350, but on my newer computer, with this motherboard DFI NFII 400-AL MB - nForce2Ultra400; 1AGP5PCI the keyboard doesnt work. ive tried 2. exciting distro; the apps i want are already there :D


visit also our mailing list.

Please add any minor bugs so that we can all be aware of them.

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