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    * [http://sourceforge.net/project/admin/editpackages.php?group_id=8482 SourceForge / Project Admin / Release Files]     * [[http://sourceforge.net/project/admin/editpackages.php?group_id=8482|SourceForge / Project Admin / Release Files]]
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    * See also [http://sfdocs.sourceforge.net/sfdocs/display_topic.php?topicid=22 Making File Releases]     * See also [[http://sfdocs.sourceforge.net/sfdocs/display_topic.php?topicid=22|Making File Releases]]

This describes how to create a release tarball for MoinMoin. It's of minor interest to anyone except JürgenHermann. :)

  1. Commit any pending code changes.
  2. Commit the current status of the MoinMoin wiki.

  3. Validate the CHANGES file (insert current date and new version number).
  4. Tag the repository:

    cvs tag rel-MAJOR-MINOR
  5. Create an export directory:

    cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.moin.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/moin export -r HEAD MoinMoin
    mv MoinMoin MoinMoin-MAJOR.MINOR
  6. Create the tarball (or zip):

    tar cvfz MoinMoin-MAJOR.MINOR.tgz MoinMoin-MAJOR.MINOR
    zip -r9 MoinMoin-MAJOR.MINOR.zip MoinMoin-MAJOR.MINOR
  7. Upload the tarball (or zip):
  8. Download from SourceForge and give it a test run.

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