Nanostation come AP al volo

ip di default, ubnt/ubnt per il fottuto login

Abilitare Compliance Test Mode


touch /etc/persistent/ct

same for BULLET.

RESET e IP di default

Premere il tastino didietro finche' non si riavviano i led.

ip default: (su bullet M2, Nanostation Loco M2/M5, Airgrid M5)

Change freq via ssh

iwconfig ath0 freq 5.600G

Edit config via ssh

The config file is located at “/tmp/system.cfg”. To edit the file, use VI.

vi /tmp/system.cfg

Once you have edited your config file, you must save it to flash:

cfgmtd -f /tmp/system.cfg -w

Once you have saved it you can reboot by issuing the “reboot” command or you can do a soft apply:

/usr/etc/rc.d/rc.softrestart save