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NTK_RFC 0005

Subject: Life probability

  • This RFC has been deprecated
    • WARNING *

Statistically, the probability of a link to continue to stay up is proportional to its uptime, f.e. it's more probable that a link with 1200 seconds of uptime is more stable than 10 seconds old link.

For this reason we give higher credits to older links, this means that we prefer to avoid routes which contain very young links. The uptime of a route is the uptime of the youngest link.

               / \
              L   K
               \ /

Let's say K-A has an uptime of 600 seconds and L-A of 200. The node N, to reach A, will prefer the route N-K-A.


In the TP we record the uptime of each traversed link. In this way, the node receiving the TP will be able to discriminate young routes from stable ones.

related: [Netsukuku_RFC]

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