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For the test we use minchiavpn, [http://hinezumilabs.org/netsukuku/minchiavpn.tar.gz download it]. For the test we use minchiavpn, [[http://hinezumilabs.org/netsukuku/minchiavpn.tar.gz|download it]].

This page describes how to test netsukuku_d over a simple vpn.

For the test we use minchiavpn, download it.

A <--> B tunnel

Be sure to have the tun module loaded:

# modprobe tun

In host A run:

./minchiavpn -p 5060 -a

where 5060 is any port you can use to accept connection from the outside.

In host B run:

./minchiavpn -t tcp-client -p IP_OF_HOST_A:5060 -a

At this point you can run in both:

netsukuku_d -dddddd -D -i tap0

A <--> B <--> C tunnel

You can also enjoy more complex case. For example:

  • A <--> B <--> C

In B:

./minchiavpn -p 5060 -a

./minchiavpn -p ANOTHERPORT -a

netsukuku_d -dddddd -D -i tap0 -i tap1

In A:

./minchiavpn -t tcp-client -p IP_OF_HOST_B:5060 -a

netsukuku_d -i tap0 -ddddd -D

In C:

./minchiavpn -t tcp-client -p IP_OF_HOST_B:ANOTHERPORT -a

netsukuku_d -i tap0 -ddddd -D

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