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Essential dyne:bolic customisation featuring the latest funkyest up-to-date PD setup ever!

a project by Jaromil and Aymeric, language: english/french

Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux - the multimedia studio liveCD

general descriptive text about dynebolic

DyneBolic is a complete GNU/Linux distribution very easy to employ, shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and creatives, being a practical tool for multimedia production: you can manipulate and broadcast both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, all using only free and open source software.

At the time being this live bootable distribution recognizes most hardware devices (sound, video, firewire, and USB) and offers a vast range of software for multimedia production, streaming, 3D modeling, photo, peer-to-peer filesharing, web browsing and publishing, word processing, email, encryption, and networking. It also includes games and a world navigator and tt does automatic clustering, joining the CPU power between any other dyne:bolic running on the local network, and works on modded XBOX consoles as well.

DyneBolic so far has been made freely available on the net, while it has also been published by major Linux magazines all across the world: India (PCQuest), North Europe (Linux Format), Italy (Linux.PRO and Linux&Co), Spain (Mundo Linux), France, Greece, China and more.

Some innovations to the way operating systems work were first introduced by this distribution and have contributed to its success: the "Nesting" mechanism to save personal data and configuration on a usb-stick, the "Docking" mechanism to run the system from harddisk without the need of any installation process nor harddisk repartitioning. Thanks to these and other peculiarities dyne:bolic rapidly became a popular way to approach the power of multimedia free software without having to go thru the usual difficulties of setting up a Unix system.

DyneBolic development started in june 2001 and until now went across a dense period of activity, its quality and realiability is insured by the experience of Dyne.org software artisans, its author and mantainer known as Jaromil is also developing software applications included in other distributions and have more than 10 years experience in developing on the GNU/Linux platform in C/C++ and Assembly languages.


development analisys

Jaromil and Aymeric - 8 sept 2006

  • avoid shipping .mozilla in the ramdisk - 3.8 of 4.2 MB are just that! and files are duplicated from /usr/lib/mozilla in core
  • setup a control panel page with compared RSS feeds of our svn commits in pure:dyne and dev.dynebolic trac, it will help to keep trac of each other changes in the core
  • to check an up to date list of packages in core the dev.dynebolic.org SourcePackages page is kept up to date but is not realtime, another way to check is to access via rsync dyne.org::dynebolic-dev-anon/dyneII/new-src/ and dyne.org::dynebolic-dev-anon/dyneII/stage2 where all sources are stored

  • we start to use http://bugs.dyne.org as a tracker instead of track. there they should be filed upgrade requests for the core and kept track of syncing the packages between dyne:II and pure.dyne requirements, plus pure:dyne can also use it as a general bug tracking system. it is good to share online services between us since the administration work is already loading developers much...

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