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Urban Indyans Howto

For cells of online and onsite resistance

This document aims to describe the requirements of forming grassroot autonomous groups residing in civil city areas of the capitalist empire, operating to constructively fight the injustice in its establishment, locally as well globally.

Urban Indyan cells are connected together between the different places they exist, exchanging resources and research as it is made possible by modern technologies, while operating locally for their own sustainability.

gather more texts from indymedia documents about fight against global and local injustice, revolutionary critics to capitalism and grassroot social resistance

This document lays down a planned practice for resistance, focusing on pragmatic issues. The scenario we take in exam are the police states where in the past years conservative and neo-liberal governments abused violence to repress all criticism. This is an evolving howto, so far enriched with the experiences of exhisting Indyan groups existing in urban areas of Italy, Spain and Netherlands.

The aim of this document is to exchange experiences and focus a sustainable model for the currently precarious lifes of revolutionaries engaged in the grassroot struggle against capitalism egemony in western world, while nothing prevents from translating them to analog situations in repressive governments of other nature.


Resources Required


price extimation



4000EU (2nd hand)

mobility of equipment

Bikes (*)


mobility of people

Sound System


speakers and power generator for gatherings

Laptops (*)


comunication, media publishing and campaigning

Online Server

1000EU (sharable)

online community services, media publishing

Foto cameras (*)


local documentation

Audio recorders (*)


local documentation

Building tools


fix and enhance living infrastructures

Kitchen tools



Paint materials



Skills Required

  • Building, repairing of heat, sewage, electricity and water systems
  • Journalism, media production and publication
  • Cooking, running bar, entertainement shows
  • System administration, digital network infrasctructure


Local Action

  • Migrant facilitation, refugee ospitality
  • Equal redistribution of resources
  • Recycling of resources
  • Liberation from slavery

Global Action

Tech gives the main access to global action

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