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Please feel free to experiment here... '''we all need a little space'''
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'''Tip:''' Shift-click "HelpOnEditing" to open a second window with the help pages. ^2^__3__


 1. __--(fdsfadsfdsa''fdsafdsafds'''afdsafdsfadf'''dsafdsaf''dfdsaf)--__--(dsafdsa)--
--( )--

 * fvds
 * fdsa
 * fdsa
 * fdsa
  * 543
   * 432
    * 432
    * *
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== The First Section ==
 . €
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Some section one text. More section one text. More section one text.
More section one text. More section one text. More section one text. More section one text.
Current date is [[Date()]]
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And then here's a list:
 * The first bullet.
   * By the way, that bullet has several sub-headers. (This is the first.)
   * This is the second sub-header. (Duh!)
 * The second bullet.
   1. item one
   2. item two :-)
It's [[DateTime()]] [[BR]]
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=== The first subsection ===

And here is another line of text. Incidentally, you might want to do one
of the following:
 1. Brush both missing teeth
 2. Visit: ProposedWork
If not, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

=== Can You Believe There's a Second Subsection? ===
They were surprised about the first subsection on this page. Imagine the complete astonishment when they discovered that there was a ''second'' subsection! An important part of this section is its reference to the ExtensionGuidelines. Be ''sure'' to check it out.

||||||'''A Very Important Table'''||

== What to Do When You're Getting Bored with the First Section ==
Here are several possibilities:
 1. Play skat.
 1. Check for loose change in the sofa cushions.
 1. Clip your fingernails.
 1. Change your socks.
 1. Have another beer.
 1. Check out, http://www.halfbakery.com, for instance http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Jehovah_27s_20Witness_20Delivery#979686222-5-1
 1. Go right ahead and read the Second Section.
'''''Please Note:''''' ''There has been considerable controversy about several of the above listed alternatives to reading the First Section. Some people think they are silly. Some people think they are offensive. And some people just think that they are a waste of time. All of these may be true. However, we stand by them, as we firmly believe that they are '''all''' more interesting than the First Section.''
def syntax(highlight):
    print "on"
    return None

we all need a little space



  1. fdsfadsfdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsfadfdsafdsafdfdsafdsafdsa

  • fvds
  • fdsa
  • fdsa
  • fdsa
    • 543
      • 432
        • 432
        • *


Current date is Date()

It's DateTime() BR

   1 def syntax(highlight):
   2     print "on"
   3     return None

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