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This workshop will explore a specific programming paradigm: Object Oriented.

see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_oriented

As of today, OOP is a widely adopted approach for building medium to large scale software, which greatly enhances the mantainability and stability of it.

In our workshop we will focus on C++ , father of all OOP languages. Alltough given the high level of abstraction in this paradigm, the notions we are going to discuss are valid for most if not all OOP languages around, including Python, Java and Javascript as well Perl-OO and Smalltalk.

We will analize closely the following topics:

  • Class, methods and properties: the structural elements of every Object
  • OOP Reentrant memory model: why it is safer
  • Class Inheritance: the core feature of OOP
  • More on Inheritance: Virtual and Pure Virtual functions
  • Operator overloading, templating and other amenities
  • Polymorphism: what's good and what's bad
  • Standard Template Library and Boost C++ extensions
  • Some phun with FreeJ and OO video scripting :)

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