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== Your Name == = \o) [[fruity]] (o/ == Email: fruity@freaknet.org '''q[9c9]p'''
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Email: fruity@freaknet.org <<TableOfContents(5)>>
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q[9c9]p === My pages: ===
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My pages: [[fruity/Multimedia|Multimedia:]]
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[[liquidradio|Rcyb with liquidsoap]]
[[FruityHomeCluster|Notes on my home cluster setup]]
==== Configuration aproaches and notes to various tasks: ====
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[[fruity/AdminAndConfs|Admin notes:]]

[[fruity/Web|Web notes:]]

[[fruity/django|Django notes]]

=== Contributed pages /|\ Pagine contribuite ===

[[fruity/Contrib|Contribuited pages]]

=== Messed up pages /|\ Pagine incasinate ===

[[icecast-2.3.2-kh8|Icecast2-kh]] <!> to be removed/renamed soon <!>

[[fruity/FruityHomeCluster|Notes on my home cluster setup]]

[[MoinMoinFarmingApache2WSGI|How to set up MoinMoin 1.8.5 in farm mode on apache2 with wsgi]]

= \o) fruity (o/ == Email: fruity@freaknet.org q[9c9]p

My pages:


This are my notes on multimedia stuff:

Icecast 2 kh

Configuration aproaches and notes to various tasks:

Admin notes:

Notes on my home computer cluster made of piles of ol'cheap hardware. The idea is to give a use to all old hardisks and platforms for having a reliable network storage / fileserver

Home cluster

Notes on setting multiple moinmoin wiki.

Notes on the pratice of virtualizing computers

Create and maintain a Debian repository


My notes and points of view on security.

Web notes:

Breaking the LAMP loop, alternative web serving methods

Lately I decided to look elsewhere than the usual "linux apache mysql php". Reading on docs makes me draw something like apache or ngingx as a load balancer front-end, the same as the backend adding lighttpd for fast streaming ofdata. This leave me more confused than before:

  • apache or ngingx? old but solid or new with an ongoing development? wich for load and wich for serving?
    • My head started to wirl and I thought myself using a beast like apache to do load balancing was a bit like killing a fly with a nuke, so for I looked elsewhere for a solution and apt-cache search came to the rescue:


      The config file is one placed in /etc/pound/pound.conf, is very simple and straight forward.

      Pound Reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web servers

      For the serving of static/dynamic content I decided that also for serving apache wasn't good enough, I looked over webrick and was not stable enough, I looked over python-wisted and it wasn't fast enough and so I found YAWS (Yet Another Web Server) written in erlang designed for performance and scalability over multiple servers.

      Yet Another Web Server(in erlang)

  • database: mysql?postgres?sqlite?ORACLE!??
    • I need to have the vastest gamma of databases, I want to be able to store certain data to certain databases and I want to be able to do certain query over different databases.

      For this to work there is a huge amount of changes to be done in software but yet so far there is SQLAlchemy and DBSlayer. I will investigate databases soon enough.


MoinMoin farm


Django notes

Django notes

Describe fruity/django here.

Contributed pages /|\ Pagine contribuite

Contribuited pages

Messed up pages /|\ Pagine incasinate

Icecast2-kh <!> to be removed/renamed soon <!>

Notes on my home cluster setup

How to set up MoinMoin 1.8.5 in farm mode on apache2 with wsgi


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