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[[icecast-2.3.2-kh8|Icecast2-kh]] <!> to be removed/renamed soon <!>
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=== Messed up pages /|\ Pagine incasinate ===
[[icecast-2.3.2-kh8|Icecast2-kh]] <!> to be removed/renamed soon <!>

= \o) fruity (o/ ==

Email: fruity@freaknet.org


My pages:


This are my notes on multimedia stuff:

Icecast 2 kh

Configuration aproaches and notes to various tasks:

Admin notes and various configurations:

Notes on my home computer cluster made of piles of ol'cheap hardware. The idea is to give a use to all old hardisks and platforms for having a reliable network storage / fileserver

Home cluster

Notes on setting multiple moinmoin wiki.

Notes on the pratice of virtualizing computers

Create and maintain a Debian repository


My notes and points of view on security.

Notes on my home cluster setup

How to set up MoinMoin 1.8.5 in farm mode on apache2 with wsgi

Django notes

Describe fruity/django here.

Contributed pages /|\ Pagine contribuite

Rcyb with liquidsoap

How to stream on linux in different flavours


How to stream on linux in different flavours

Messed up pages /|\ Pagine incasinate

Icecast2-kh <!> to be removed/renamed soon <!>


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