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The proposal.

This is a open proposal to people want to be part of a builiding process of a network of subjects involved about 'Communication Question' inside the ESF - European Social Forum that will take place in Florence in November. Everybody can understand the importance of 'Communication' in our 'Informational Age', but it is more relevant inside the Social Forum's route. The complex experience from Seattle to Genova changed the individual and colletive perception of the connection between Information and Partecipation: so it is impossible to ignore this result while we are thinking about the ESF expecially concern the 'communicative practices' born from that experience together with new political subjects and identity. It is important to take care of the most important result of that experience, both metodology and contenents, because through its practices the Movement was able to fix the attention about the role of 'language's shapes' as conflict's field and prize. For the same reasons the ESF building process have to be an horizontal journey, open to the subject able to produce indypendent information that oppose itself to mainstream information professional's also ready to run for an "Movement's Appointment". If we want emphasize the 'role of communication' inside the discussion of ESF we have to be a part of the first organization's steps with the our own open and horizontal practices. This means open the discussion and the building process to all that traditional and innovative subjects of communication that are able to see the strictly and conflictual connections between Information, Partecipation and Democracy. For all this things this one would like to be a kind of 'Call for Active Partecipation' to the ESF for all the interested subjects want to put meaning in it. It really could be the opportunity to develope the indypendent and bottom-up communicative practices alredy used through a building of a double project of Media Center. The first one is a kind of 'virtual media center' that for the next months should be a interactive laboratory to exchange proposals about theoretical contents for the discussions (themes, workshops, etc.), and to build the tools of this interaction (web site, interface, etc.) The second one, realized by the support of the first one, is supposed to be a real open and connected place for the Forum's days where will receive all people practices indypendent communication and information like political and collective action, like in the MC tradition. The collective action of building Virtual and Real MC will help us to realize an important moment of reflection about theories and practices of communication through a more complex experience of network and partecipation.

The next steps coul be.. Collect the proposals of the theoretical nodes to stimolate the debate and the reflection in the european context about Information, Communication, Partecipation and whatelse connected with this themes; Collaborative use of free software, open source, etc. to realized the tools to implement the interactivity and interconnection between us and the other partecipants to the ESF.

We are waiting for your new proposals and active partecipation. Thank You.


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