Intervista a Guy Taylor di Globalize resistance

- Interview with Guy Taylor (Globalize Resistance) - Globalize Resistance is a group which was born in Great Britain, to implement the struggle to put the human beings before profits. In the U.K. there is a large movement against the war - yet, Tony Blair regards it as trifling - and Globalize Resistance plays a role in it. 1500-2000 activists will arrive in Florence.

- Talk with Sophie Zafari (FSU / French Public Services Union) -

Among French unions there is a strong movement interested in the Social Forum. Around 600 activists, from all the unions, will go to Florence. They want to speak up on women rights, sans papiers and the weakest part of the French society.

- Interview with Yuli Panaiotis, from Greek Social Forum - Yuli Panaiotis explains the "special care" deserved by Italian police to Greek activists, who are described as violent ones and anarchists. Few days ago the Italian magazine "Panorama" interviewed Panaitois, but they published - as the Greek psychiatrist states - an entirely false version; no violent people will come from Greece.

Dalla Germania arriveranno a Firenze per partecipare all'SFE persone dai gruppi più differenti: dai sindacati più tradizionali alle associazioni come Pax Cristi. Lo scopo del Social Forum dev'essere quello di avviare un processo di riforma della società civile per un'Europa più giusta e per un'Europa di pace.

- Interview with Hugo Braun, from German Social Forum - To take part in the Social Forum, people from many different German groups - a broad range, including institutional trade unions as well as catholic "Pax Christi" - will come to Florence. The Social Forum should go for starting a process of civil society reform, to build up a Europe more fair and peaceful.

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