Collection of resources, links and stuff to keep your backbone tidy

DISCLAIMER: There is no security thru obscurity. The purpose of this workshop is solely educational, everyone is responsible for choosing the hat to dress ;)

Anonymous networking

Tools to improve your privacy when sharing informations

Data encryption

Tools that make your storage devices a safe place where to store your data

Network analizers

Software to intercept and analize data flowing across networks

Stealth networking

Software to hide interactions across networks: icmp encapsulation, port knocking etc.

Daemon shields

Programs that analize traffic and logfile raising system defenses when needed

unsorted items, please help adding comment and link




System Hacking


Buffer Overflows

Trojans and Backdoors


Module 8: Denial of Service

Preventing DoS Attack

Social Engineering

(not software tools, but IRL hacks)

Connection Hijacking

Hacking Web Servers

Web Application Vulnerabilities

Web Based Password Cracking

SQL Injection

Hacking Wireless Networks

Virus and Worms

Novell Hacking

IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots

Buffer Overflows

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