How to make a liveCD bootable ISO for Apple PPC computers

Create an file with the following contents:

# ext.  xlate  creator  type    comment
.hqx    Ascii  'BnHx'   'TEXT'  "BinHex file"
.sit    Raw    'SIT!'   'SITD'  "StuffIT Expander"
.mov    Raw    'TVOD'   'MooV'  "QuickTime Movie"
.deb    Raw    'Debn'   'bina'  "Debian package"
.bin    Raw    'ddsk'   'DDim'  "Floppy or ramdisk image"
.img    Raw    'ddsk'   'DDim'  "Floppy or ramdisk image"
.b      Raw    'UNIX'   'tbxi'  "bootstrap"
yaboot  Raw    'UNIX'   'boot'  "bootstrap"
vmlinux Raw    'UNIX'   'boot'  "bootstrap"
.conf   Raw    'UNIX'   'conf'  "bootstrap"
*       Ascii  '????'   '????'  "Text file"

Then use the following command:

 # mkisofs -r -V "My Live CD" \
           --netatalk -hfs -probe -map \
           -chrp-boot -iso-level 2 -part -no-desktop \
           -hfs-bless extracted_cd/install \
           -hfs-volid Dyne/PowerPC_livecd \
           -o my-live-cd.iso extracted_cd

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