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How can I burn the image (.iso file) to an empty CDROM or CDRW?

First of all, the iso is an "image"; it must be burned as an image, not as a typical file, in order for the system to run it successfully. Many cd burner programs have a burn as image or burn as iso option.

Depending on your current OS, there are different options available to you. 'There is a very comprehensive and fairly short howto about burning an ISO image here.

An admittedly partial list of options:

Where not noted, instructions may be executed with the left mouse button, single click.

How do I get my computer to boot from CD?

First of all, you need an ATAPI CD-ROM. Easier than it sounds, that's in every standard PC Box.

You then need to choose the CD as Boot-Device. With most computers you will have to enable "Boot from CD" in the BIOS. Please check your computer's instructions. Some computers will boot from CD when you keep the 'C' key pressed.

Afterwards simply insert the dyne:bolic CD and reboot.

I'm curious (or paranoid)! Can I see what's in the dyne:bolic iso file?

Of course!

If you have just a browser and still want to peek inside the dynebolic ISO file contents, then you can browse this web page kindly offered by the UK Mirror Service, which lets you navigate the contents thru a web interface.

DynebolicFaq : dyne:bolic homepage

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