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Nero: select file | burn image & select your iso file ----
Nero (program?/OS?): select file | burn image & select your iso file
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BurningAndBooting addresses questions related to creating a bootable cd from your downloaded Dynebolic ISO image.

I've downloaded the iso file and burned it to disk, but Dynebolic doesn't load. What's up?

No, the iso is an "image"; it must be burned "as" an image, not as a typical file, in order for the system to run it successfully. Many cd burner programs have a 'burn as image'/'burn as iso' option.

Depending on your current OS, there are different options available to you. 'There is a very comprehensive and fairly short howto about burning an ios image [http://www.e-smith.org/docs/howto/CD_burning_howto.php3 here].

Linux: using k3b, select tools | write iso image

Nero (program?/OS?): select file | burn image & select your iso file

Win' shareware: winiso, iso commander

Win XP: [http://www.devhood.com/tools/tool_details.aspx?tool_id=143 ISORecorderSetup.exe]

How do I get my computer to boot from CD?

First of all, you need an ATAPI CD-ROM. Easier than it sounds, that's in every Standard PC Box. Then you need to choose the CD as Boot-Device. With most computers you will have to enable "Boot from CD" in the BIOS. Please check your computer's instructions. Some computers will boot from CD when you keep the 'C' key pressed.

Then you simply insert the [dyne:bolic] CD and reboot.

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