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Formatto la schedina sd come "portable", CHE VUOL DIRE Fat32 del cazzo, usare i nomi giusti mai, eh?

Poi da ADB (che va abilitato da developer mode, cavetto usb ficcato, installa "adb" per linux, etc)


rover rec # adb shell sm list-disks adoptable


adb shell sm partition disk:179:128 mixed 50

POI RIAVVIO, menu' del telefono, advanced, memory etc, ho rinominato la partizione creata in PartizioneF2FS 
poi ho detto migrate.

a sto punto 16 giga sono rom telefono e 16 giga portable del cazzo.


Avvio con twrp ed installo supersu della versione specifica che ho sulla scheda SD (metticelo se non c'e')
POI installo titanium backup pro che mi ha dato RizarD.

A sto punto restoro ogni cosa dal backup.

How to split your card

WARNING: Before you do this, be sure to eject the card from the Settings/Storage & USB menu.

WARNING: Regardless of whether you split your card, or just adopt as encrypted, or even just re-format as FAT, it may not be good for the life of your card. It seems that some SD cards have long-life flash allocated to the first few blocks where the FAT is kept. Using a non-FAT file system, or having the FAT file system further down the device loses that benefit, possibly even altering the pre-shipped format could do that too. []

I found how to partition my SD card to give 8G as internal storage to which all apps that can be moved will be moved and leave ~20GB as portable storage to hold music, etc.

First, you need adb working, and your SD card inserted and formatted as portable.

$ adb shell sm list-disks adoptable

disk:179,64 is my SD card that can be made adoptable, I want 90% as external SD:

$ adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 mixed 90

Note: Your card may be listed with an underscore _ instead of an underscore, e.g. disk:179_64 in which case, that is what you type.

This erases the entire SD card, and then gives me 90% as portable storage and the rest as adopted internal storage.

The partition table looks like this:

Number  Start   End     Size    File system  Name            Flags
 1      1049kB  57.5GB  57.5GB  fat32        shared          msftdata
 2      57.5GB  57.5GB  16.8MB               android_meta
 3      57.5GB  63.9GB  6369MB               android_expand 

The fat32 partition is not encrypted and can be mounted on a computer (provided it can handle the new GUID partition table format).

I advise a reboot after setting the new music storage location this as Google Music may get the wrong idea about much space is available.

Rename the adopted storage. If it had the same name as the portable storage partition then it may prevent one of the partitions from being available over USB MTP.

For reasons I don't understand, my disk label gets set as some junk similar to this: 82GM-KM-?N-qXa^Oo and although I can change this by inserting it into a computer: mlabel -i /dev/sdf1 :: if I put it back into my phone, it looks right until I soft-eject and re-insert it (from the menu) - and then the weird label is back.

I wonder if this can be avoided by swipe-dismissing the notice that a new SD card is discovered (which shows after the mixed partition is complete) instead of selecting it.

If you want apps to be installed on the adopted SD partition by default, then you need to choose the Migrate Data option from the menu SALCAZZEN.

asbesto@rover ~ % adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true SEMBRA NON SERVIRE
asbesto@rover ~ % riavvio
zsh: command not found: riavvio
asbesto@rover ~ % 

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