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* If you are using a nest you can store your software in it once built. Configure with the command ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

En español

Compiling software from source - a rough & ready guide


1) Obtain the source code for the application you need. It will be in compressed format so the next step is

2) Unzip it. Navigate to the folder and read any documentation that may help you. It may save you a lot of time!

Build your software

Though there are are different systems for building software (scons springs to mind) the most common method is as follows. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder containg the source code. Run the following commands:

  • ./configure make make install (this last command must be run as root).

(You can replace ./configure with dynemodconf $MODULE_NAME)If you complete these steps your software should be installed & ready to use. You will need to start it from a terminal with the program name - editing dyne:bolic menu's is another topic. If you need to remove it just use:

  • make uninstall

Hints tips & troubleshooting

* You can get a useful list of options for the configure stage by typing

  • ./configure --help

* If you are using a nest you can store your software in it once built. Configure with the command ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

* If your software fails to build look at your error messages.

  • => The build scripts may need to be told where a file already installed in dyne:bolic already is. You can look for the file with Dyne:bolic's inbuilt search program. The ./configure --help option will advise on how tell the build scripts where the file is. => The most common problem will be that another piece of software needs to be installed (referred to as a dependency). You may need to put the missing filename into a search engine such as google to find what it is you need & download & install that first to proceed. A good read of the software's website or documents beforehand can often advise you of dependencies in advance.


Dyne:bolic includes the program checkinstall that allows you to make software packages that can be used to install your program on a different machine without having to compile the software from scratch.

To do this simply substitute the command checkinstall for the make install stage.

I have found that creating & using Slackware packages work very well with Dyne:bolic. They are installed with the command installpkg and removed with the command removepkg (as root).

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