This is the Cyberdeck Online Game wiki page, write down ideas on the online game

The online game is developed with

* a multiplatform client written in ruby/sdl * a server written in (rubyonrails or perl), that will talk on HTTP protocol

the client will permit to search a game on the server, post a game, manage a deck, see statistic and setting client options.

the standalone play (against a computer player) will be written in CyberdeckSG

ideas as follow

the client

thoose are the object

Menus - menu manager

Sdlmng - audio video and input mananger

Connector - manage comunication with server, it has inside also the xml managment, get and return object

Logs - manage logs

Match - start the match and create the MCP

Mcp - Master Control Program, manage the match

User - manage the users

Deck - mangae the decks, drawing, shuffle, research

Card - manage Cards getting the info from server

Turnmgr - manage turns

Cybers - manage the field of game

that is until today 7.3.8

the flow: first it load the menu with intro and menu managment (option, deck management, search and post a game, statistic).

Then when a match is choosen, load match.

Match load Mcp that load TurnMgr

TurnMgr ask to the server if it's his turn. if not wait for some event.

if there is an event, Turnmgr send on video the request to accomplish

if the turn it's his, wait for a move, catchit, check if it's valid and perform the request to server

The server

will be in rubyonrails, 2 pieces, a process called wcserv (web cyberdeck server) that run on the webserver, get the request in xml from the client and ask for data to the ccserv (console cyberdeck server) that is a demon that runs on the server, it mantein all the data about the matches in memory and manage the match. on DB store the data about statistics, users, login session and so on.

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