Here ideas on cyberdeck world has to be written

Cyberdeck is a Cyberpunk wolrd, Multinational control, absence of states, high technology level, high energy cost. Read Gibson and Sterling for more information, or play with Cyberpunk 2020 or GURPS Cyberpunk.

ideas follow below (english or italian)

a little introduction bonded to the WG.

The nations, still exist, but loose of importance. Big metropolis are all over the world and become similar to nation-cities.

Exist commercial cybernetics, neural network system,but internet has changed, to control better the net, the corporative companies introduct those onecopy chip, as the only way to connect to the big network, those chip can be buyed and exchanged, but not cloned. expensive but not so much.

The private networks has become like the old X25 style networks. Nodes connected to Nodes, to others Node and so on.

Internet remain quite the same, addresses for everything.

a world under revolution needs faction,

the Coprorative, or Business. Mega companies that share the control all over the world, but made of people, that want only their own profit.Use police and crime to reach their goals

the Underground, the other face of the medal, people, hypertechincal due to the market done by the companies, that loose the access to the big slice of cake. Revenge, and selfsurvival. Used by police and crime, get from them the money to survive

the Police, the nations disappeared as powers, but police become a group of mercenaries with the gun, sophisticated ones, and computer.. use indifferently the Business man and the underground people. Obviously fight against

The Crime, that is the evolution of Mafia, Yakuza, Chinese, and all the organized crime all over the world.. the talk and do business with corporations and underground.

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