Actually I'll push my luck and add one more question to that list!

* Do you think that there's a growing danger of people losing control of the software they rely on as "*-as-a-service" cloud offerings become more popular?

On 28 May 2013 16:00, Rohan wrote:

> Could you explain the impetus for starting dyne:bolic; why was there was room for another desktop GNU/Linux distribution?

> Aside from the issue of software freedom, what do you think the distro has to offer users? What's its niche, I guess you could say...

> When did it get started?

> Is it an entirely "rolled from scratch" distro or is it derived from another distribution?

> I love the term rastasoft - could you explain a little bit what you mean by it though?

> What's the connection between and dyne:bolic?

> Can you explain what you mean by software freedom? How is it important?

> Over the years do you think that the idea of 'free software' has lost visibility (people just equating the concept with 'open source', for example)?

> Do you think the idea that FOSS software has an anti-corporate edge has been lost a little bit as it becomes more widely used?

> Do you see a connection between free software and broader issues, such as struggles for social change?

> How important is it to have '100% free' distros?

> Obviously GNU/Linux has grown in popularity - but now that more people use it (or use products based on the Linux kernel, such as Android) do you think there are fewer people, relatively speaking, who understand the concept of 'software freedom'?

> How much interest have you seen in dyne:bolic? Do you have any indication of the size of the user base (downloads stats, for example)?

> Are there any high-profile individuals or organisations using it?

> How big is the core team around the distro and how easy is it for interested people to get involved in the distro? Are there any particular gaps in the team that people could fill?

> What kind of future plans do you have for the distro? Do you have any kind of roadmap?

> How did you personally get involved in the project? Have you worked on other open source projects?

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