Dynebolic 2.5.2 Fixes

quote from Jaromil on the dynebolic mailing list re fixing the bugs in dynebolic 2.5.2:

half of the work is to list all those malfunctions, so i hereby propose everyone to start writing a page on the wiki http://lab.dyne.org/DyneBolic252Fixes

if you have some ideas for the dynebolic development, look here http://lab.dyne.org/DyneBolicToDo

List of known issues:

Rosegarden does not 'see' LADSPA plug ins making them unavailable for audio processing. May also be a good time to upgrade to the newer version.

Dial up networking does not work at all, not even dialing out, even with a hardware serial modem (lacking of kernel modules).

Cinelerra the menu and buttons have no functions...

Idle (Python development tool) is installed but not in the menu system


Timidity is missing in this dynebolic version, but how should MIDI files be played? - There's no hint in dynebolic anywhere and JACK doesn't start (error messages) or crashes after configuration...

Fluxbox does have an ugly behavior when you set it as default window manager in /mnt/dyne/dyne.cfg: You have to hold the mouse button clicked when you don't want that the dynebolic menu will disappear...

Xfce doesn't support icons at the desktop... (there must be an compiling option)

Less Dynebolic 2.4.2 'orientation': ;)

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