WOW at present time most of the stuff listed below has been done!! check out the 1.0 alpha5 and let us know on the mailinglist how's going

DyneBolic development TODO list

feel free to add suggestions / wishes

developer open tasks

- desktop icons (or slit app) to mount/unmount the floppy disk

- add wordprocessing: Ted and AbiWord

- add filesystem maintainance tools: fsck and others

- support for USB keyboards and mice (jaromil working on it)

- default dynebolic users chat room (is there ANYBODY doing an XCHAT.BOL ? then configuring it with a default server and that's it)

- mud client for anatolia on telnet://

- add 3D, video streaming and editing application (GNU/GPL Blender, cinelerra, openmash, ffmpeg) for wider excaptance of Linux as multimedia authoring platform

- upgrade mozilla bol and include MIME/TYPES and BOOKMARKS also for links

- make abiword bol

- make a gtk ftp client bol

- make a jabber client bol

- make mame bol (COIN-OP EMULATOR edition, any volunteer??)

- make a sylpheed.bol and integrate it with gpg!!

- make harddisk stable conf/home space (like floppy save, also save on hd)

- add a simple tftp server and client


- document the process of making .bol packages

ideas for future dynebolic releases

- Screensaver support: Something like xlock or other known X tools.

- Energy saving support in the dynebolic kernel.

- Advanced multiuser support (maybe for the use in schools and activity centers):

Defaults targetpw

root ALL=(ALL) ALL

%users ALL=(ALL) ALL

%users ALL = NOPASSWD:/opt/xfce/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper

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